Built upon a partnership of over 15 years, TD SYNNEX’s dedicated team of Veritas specialists are always on hand to assist you in growing your business.

Our primary goal is to drive your success: by taking the time to understand both your market positioning and your customers’ needs, we can provide in-depth tools and services that span a multitude of disciplines – including pre and post-sales assistance, marketing help, strategic business development, technical expertise, financial services and more.

Our team are quick, experienced and have a proven track record of success. Partner with TD SYNNEX to take your Veritas business to the next level.

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Solving Customer Challenges

Veritas products help organisations to protect their mission-critical data, protecting against the most prevalent data protection issues in the technology world.

By partnering with TD SYNNEX and Veritas, you can tackle your customers’ problems with ease – including these 8 key business challenges:

Cost Saving

Veritas provides the visibility that organisations need to identify areas for consolidation and cost saving.

IT Monitoring

Veritas offers the only IT analytics platform to provide unified insights across storage, backup and cloud.

Digital Transformation

Veritas transforms, protects and optimises applications, data and infrastructure wherever they reside.

Downtime Avoidance

Veritas differentiates between critical and non-critical applications so they can prioritise, ensuring that services are always available.


Veritas provides a unified solution that can protect all data across physical, virtual and cloud environments.


Veritas identifies ROT data that can be deleted or archived, reducing storage usage, power, cooling resources, and saving cost.


Veritas protects data across all platforms, ensuring it is rapidly recoverable and meets compliance regulations.

Long-Term Data Retention

Veritas allows backup data to be tiered, using lower cost storage, appliances or cloud storage for long-term retention.