A great way to maximise Microsoft’s offering is to encourage the use of several complementary Microsoft solutions. If your customers are interested in the cloud, Surface devices, open licencing or Microsoft Office, you can advise which of these individual components work best together. The TD SYNNEX team is ready and waiting to work with you and your customers to help and support on everything Microsoft.

Rely on TD SYNNEX as your Trusted Advisor. We’ll help you maximise your Microsoft business by enabling you to drive growth, increase profit, reduce costs and build customer satisfaction. Find out how we can do this below.

Grow Your Business

The TD SYNNEX team is dedicated to helping partners establish steady and continued growth.

Accelerate the launch of your Azure practice through TD SYNNEX’s Velocity program.
Build a new pipeline with end customers through Marketing as a Service (MaaS).
Establish new routes to market through TD SYNNEX’s partnership in the Microsoft SureStep program.

Drive Channel Profitability

Once you have successfully established a business poised for growth, we want to drive your channel profitability.

Leverage TD SYNNEX’s programmes to generate attractive vendor rebates.
Our collaborations with solution vendors such as AvePoint, Mandarine Academy and The Voice of 365 allow partners to develop an ecosystem and a repeatable practice.

Reduce Costs

Keeping costs under control is essential for any business. TD SYNNEX stands ready to offer guidance on how to reduce costs for you and your customers, as needed.

Take advantage of our Data Centre Modernisation program to streamline your customer’s data centre and cut back on operating costs.
Streamline processes and reduce costs through automated service provisioning, activation, and billing through the TD SYNNEX cloud marketplace.
Leverage training days at absolutely no cost to you through the TD SYNNEX Velocity program.

Build Customer Satisfaction

TD SYNNEX have one of the largest Microsoft dedicated teams in the channel, including sales, technical and marketing – all committed to achieving satisfaction for our customers. With our specialist product knowledge, we can support you on anything you need to know about Microsoft.

TD SYNNEX actively stays in touch with our partners through webinars, newsletters, and other useful updates.
We are dedicated to offering our partners an open forum for discussion on what matters to you with all matters Microsoft.