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What is Tech-as-a-Service?

Tech-as-a-Service allows you to combine your hardware, software, and services into a single solution for your customers. Give them access to the latest technology, optimise their IT budgets, and simplify their bill.

Our programme helps you to move your customers away from large capital investments. Instead, they can enjoy technology, training, services and maintenance through a low-cost, monthly or quarterly Tech-as-a-Service subscription plan.

What are the benefits?

Reduced cost of ownership

Save up to 30% of the total cost of ownership of hardware and software. Plus spread your VAT payment over the term and pay it on a smaller amount.

Manage your cash flow

Control your spend and spread the cost over the useful life of your technology and services.

Better Equipment

Keep yourself ahead of the game with the latest technology. Improve your employees level of satisfaction and productivity, all at a lower cost.

More Often

Get equipment faster and more often to ensure you get the best from the technological advances available to you.


Put your hardware, software and technology services all on one simple payment (monthly, quarterly or annually).


A subscription still gives you choices, at the end of the programme you can choose to return equipment (and ideally get new), keep equipment longer or even purchase it – So you are not losing the control.

Fully Compliant

Take comfort in this being fully compliant with UK State Education Legislation. Tech-as-a-Service is always compliant with this as we have built algorithms into our subscription platform when needed.

At Holistic IT offering flexible payment options to our business clients is extremely important! Especially when it is for bigger ticket items such as IT projects and infrastructure. This is why we have partnered with TD SYNNEX’s ‘Tech as a Service’ team (TaaS) to offer subscription to our Dell clients. The team are knowledgeable, extremely quick to turn around proposals and most important to our business and clients. We couldn’t be happier and have made TaaS our main subscription partner.

David Haxton, Operations Director
Holistic IT

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Tech-as-a-Service

What is the minimum deal value?

Minimum deal value is £1000

When do you get paid?

You get paid within 48 hours of the goods being delivered and signed for by the customer.

Can a customer flex up and flex down?

Up? Yes. Down? No, not yet. It is part of our blueprint, and we have a solution for CSP.

Who appears on the direct debit to the customer?

One of the 2 Funders – either HP Financial service or CF Corporate Finance.

Size of business?

The sweet spot is 100 to 150 users, but we can cater for all.

What if the customer decides not to return the equipment?

With CF Corporate they can look to buy the equipment or extend the payments. With HPFS the only option is extension

Can a customer pay a deposit/upfront large payment?

Yes, but the automated system cannot facilitate it, so it would necessitate a call to the team.

Does the kit need to be insured?

Yes. It is a legal requirement that the equipment is insured. This is usually covered by the end users business insurance.

What happens at the beginning of the lease?

The customer will be sent a Welcome Pack advising of Customer Services contact details, and a payment schedule.

How do ongoing services work?

If you add ongoing services onto a quote, you will be paid the following month after the end user has made payment. For example, if an end user makes their payment in November you will receive the ongoing service at the beginning of December. It’s effectively a maintenance payment. Note this is only available with CF Corporate.

When does commission get paid?

The first two weeks of the following month after the agreement is activated.

What is the difference between commission and margin?

Resellers are able to add margin to each product line on the quoting tool but not over RRP of that product, this is paid to the reseller upfront on their invoice.

Up to 10% commission can be applied, commission is paid to the reseller via self-bill the following month after the agreement goes live. If they’re at the max RRP on each item, they can add commission on top of this. Maximum commission amounts are 10% with CF Corporate and 7.5% with HPFS.

How long can the whole process take?

Providing the equipment is in stock & we’re in receipt of correct documentation the quickest turn around can be 2 days.

Want to know more?

Get in touch with one of our TaaS Specialists.