TD SYNNEX Global Computing Components (GCC) UK is your trusted partner for specialised computing solutions.

We offer a comprehensive range of cutting-edge components, expert system design and integration services, and streamlined supply chain management.

By partnering with GCC, you’ll gain access to tailored hardware solutions that accelerate innovation, a vast network of best-in-class technology vendors, and the global expertise necessary to scale your business effectively.

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Working with our Vendor Partners

TD SYNNEX GCC fosters strong relationships with industry leaders like Intel, AMD, and Western Digital. This allows us to offer you cutting-edge components, in-depth knowledge, and seamless integration for your custom computing needs.

Opposite are a few examples.


For robust storage solutions, we offer industry leaders like Western Digital and Seagate. These vendors provide a range of options, from high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs) ideal for data centres to reliable hard disk drives (HDDs) perfect for bulk storage.


We offer a powerful selection of components. Leading CPU manufacturers like Intel and AMD provide processing powerhouses, while memory giants like Micron deliver the speed and capacity you need. Top-tier graphics card manufacturers such as NVIDIA offer exceptional visual performance for workstations and gaming PCs. And motherboards from industry leaders like Asus and Gigabyte serve as the foundation upon which all these components seamlessly integrate.


We partner with you to design and implement complete solutions. This might involve combining high-performance storage from Western Digital with a cutting-edge CPU from Intel, all housed in a robust chassis from a trusted manufacturer.

Ultimately, whatever your requirement is, TD SYNNEX GCC ensures that all the pieces work together flawlessly to create the perfect solution for your specific needs.

Our Vendor Partners

We are more than the sum of our parts when we come together with our vendor partners, offering value that can’t be found anywhere else thanks to exclusive partnerships and second-to-none product knowledge.

News and Updates

TD SYNNEX Global Computing Components (GCC) understands navigating the ever-evolving landscape of technology can be tricky. That’s why we go beyond just supplying components. As a valued GCC partner, we offer you a variety of resources to keep you informed about the latest industry news.