Built for the new generation of AI PCs.

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. is enabling a world where everyone and everything can be intelligently connected.

From the technologies that launched the mobile revolution, right through to the next generation of connected smart devices, Qualcomm Technologies and Snapdragon® based products are committed to providing customers with products that sit firmly at the forefront of innovation.

Snapdragon Compute Platforms are powering the launch of a new class of devices able to deliver Copilot+ PC experiences today. They enable user access to industry-leading devices that can run everyday Windows applications and come equipped with embedded on-device AI capabilities. This means that, by taking advantage of this technology, your customers won’t need to depend on cloud-based platforms to make use of generative AI.

The devices you rely on, rely on Snapdragon processors.

Snapdragon-branded products have been transforming industries for decades, leading the next generation of connected smart devices that give users extraordinary experiences.

With game-changing performance and efficiency, simplified IT management, and enhanced security and privacy, Snapdragon X Elite Compute Platforms are built to unlock AI potential.

These next-gen experiences are brought to life by their tightly built system-on-chip (SoCs) that power data-heavy and AI-based applications quickly, on-device, and without draining battery. We’re talking blazing fast, smooth computing, with multi-day battery life.

So, whether your customers are looking for business performance reborn, or simply searching for new ideas to supercharge their passions, Snapdragon powered devices help them to achieve amazing.

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A business revolution, cleverly hidden in a PC.

Laptops powered by Snapdragon X Elite are coming here!

 PCs powered by Snapdragon X Elite Compute Platform are the only devices capable of bringing Copilot+ experiences to life today. Together, Snapdragon Technology and Microsoft are revolutionising the PC experience with leading AI technology and performance efficiency.

Game-changing performance and power efficiency.

Help workers stay productive with fast, responsive performance and multi-day battery life.

Empower creative work and ideas with visuals that make every detail come to life on screen.

Built to unlock AI potential.

Enable more personalised, powerful, and unique experiences with industry-leading on-device AI.

Keep up as AI continues to advance with a platform that makes your PCs future-ready.

Turbo-charged apps for Copilot+ PCs.

Microsoft and Qualcomm Technologies identified hundreds of the most-used Windows apps to ensure they deliver extraordinary performance on devices powered by Snapdragon X Elite processors.

 Realise the promise of AI with processors built to optimise current and next generation capabilities.

Enhanced security and privacy.

Strengthen privacy and implement enterprise-grade device security, whatever the size of your business.

Simplified PC management

Configure, deploy and manage devices with streamlined tools so IT teams can focus on the bigger picture.

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