TD SYNNEX acts as trusted Data & IoT solutions aggregator. We combine a vast product portfolio with our professional services, like business consultancy, technical pre-sales support, and enablement, so your customers can build the eco-system they need. We work as a solution factory, so the art of the possible becomes a reality.

People don’t buy IoT, they buy business outcomes and solutions to real life challenges.

The IoT Solutions Aggregator

TD SYNNEX make a complex eco-system simple.

How do we build an IoT solution?

TD SYNNEX have created a matrix that plans a path for your Data & IoT journey, so you get the solution you want and need. There are four steps on any digitalisation journey:



Insight Driven

Data Driven

This allows TD SYNNEX to build an end-to-end eco-system based on open standards, with automation and management critical to manage any IoT end points. We collect data from different sources and transform it into useful information, so your problem is solved.

TD SYNNEX's IoT Verticals


Predictive Maintenance; Power Management; OEE Optimisation; Energy Dem. Response (EDR)


Connected Driver Safety; Universal Tracker; Vehicle Telematics; Stolen Vehicle Detection


Video Analytics; People Counting; Smart Mirror; Inventory Management; Mobile Engagement; Product Recommender; Smart Shelf

Smart Spaces

Space management, Space Optimization, Desk Occupancy Air Quality, Smart Parking; Indoor Asset Tracking; Energy Management


Remote Consultations, Cyber Security, Patient Tracking, Hand Sanitization, RPA, Big Data

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