Intel vPro is a business computing foundation – built for Windows 11 and powered by Intel Core processors – that makes PCs professional-grade, giving users an advantage in the areas where it counts: security, fleet manageability, productivity and stability.

Why Intel vPro?®

To put it simply, AI runs best on Intel.

Intel vPro PCs deliver a new, holistic approach to performance that powers AI workloads and new experiences. This means better collaboration and video streaming, advanced content creation, assists to productivity and security, and even accessibility tooling.

With Intel vPro, your customers can maintain their fleet, scale confidently and transition from one OS generation to the next—all on their own schedule. Rigorous hardware component testing ensures all Intel vPro devices deliver a reliable, seamless, professional-grade experience.

Multilayered security, out-of-the-box.

Remote fleet management, simplified.

Enhanced AI performance.

Greater stability.

Intel vPro® for Windows 11

Now more than ever, employees need intuitive user experiences to collaborate and stay productive, wherever work happens.

A remote workforce can increase the risk of cyberattacks that expose both business and personal data. Companies need layers of security for end-to-end protection across devices, their operating system, identities, apps and cloud services to work with confidence, anywhere.

The Intel vPro® platform with Windows 11 Pro integrates powerful software and hardware features for comprehensive chip-to-cloud security that protects against cybersecurity threats. By enabling security by default, without slowing down system performance or employee productivity, businesses can rest easy knowing that their all-important data is protected.

Looking out for the future.

As the industry’s role in achieving sustainability goals expands, vendors, distributors, partners and end users alike are always looking for new ways to address the environmental implications of their business actions.

In-line with Intel’s commitment to responsible environmental stewardship, PCs built on the Intel vPro platform deliver built-in sustainability benefits for businesses throughout the device life cycle, from build right through to retire. For example, remote manageability on Intel vPro can reduce on-site visits by 90%, leading to a savings of 368,000 kg of carbon for a mid-sized company.1

Not changing can be costly. Change smart.

Make the right choice for your customers by encouraging them to invest in business-grade devices built on Intel vPro, running Windows 11 Pro.


With a 20% reduction in the risk of a successful cybersecurity attack, Intel vPro and Windows 11 deliver comprehensive security, straight out of the box.2


Push the limits of performance with 15% increase in end-user productivity when using Intel vPro and Windows 11.2


Intel vPro and Windows 11 offer a smart investment, with a 14% lower 5-year cost of operations per PC.3

To break new ground, you need groundbreaking devices.

To get the most out of their investment, users need to pair their Windows 11 upgrade with compatible devices that have been designed to elevate every working style.

Find out how leading vendors are using Intel vPro to enhance the performance of their devices.

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1 Corporate Responsibility Report 2022‒23.” Intel prepared this report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards: Comprehensive option. A GRI Content Index is provided on its Report Builder website. Intel also uses other recognized frameworks to inform the content of this report, including the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board Standards, the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures framework, the UN Global Compact, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
2Commissioned study delivered by Forrester Consulting “The Total Economic Impact of Windows 11 Pro Devices”, December 2022. Note, quantified benefits reflect results over three years combined into a single composite organization that generates $1 billion in annual revenue, has 2,000 employees, refreshes hardware on a four-year cycle, and migrates the entirety of its workforce to Windows 11 devices.
3Based on IDC’s “The Business Value of Intel Security for PCs” report published March 2023 (commissioned by Intel), which cites a lower reported risk of significant financial impact events occurring through an Intel-based Windows PC compared with other Windows PCs. Additional details at product or component can be absolutely secure.