It takes the right technology to create a future-proofed and happy hybrid workplace.

Hybrid is the future of work, but the flexible workplace can present a significant challenge for IT teams. Empower every possibility for your customers by combining their Windows 11 upgrade with Lenovo technology.

With Windows 11 and Lenovo, improved security, manageability and performance is just the start. They are a match made in technology heaven, providing the power and innovation needed to propel today’s agile workforces to the next level of productivity.

When there's a lot to do, there's a Windows 11 Lenovo PC to help you get it done.

Windows 11 devices from Lenovo enable your customers to bring out their best self and their best work, every time. With a broad choice of products – across style, features and form factors – there is a perfect fit for every kind of client, spanning a multitude of industries.

Why wait for support to go end-of-line for Windows 10? The perfect time to upgrade to Windows 11 is right now.

Lenovo and Windows 11 will keep your customers productive in a work-from-anywhere world with comprehensive out-of-the-box security, business-grade tools and consistent modern security management.

Accelerating business transformation, quickly and easily.

Adapting to the nuances of hybrid working doesn’t have to be an arduous task.

Together with Intel vPro and Intel Core processors, Lenovo devices are designed to address key pain points in performance, cybersecurity management and reliability, all whilst reducing the support burden on IT staff and empowering users to be at their very best.

Coupled with the leading security benefits of Intel vPro, Lenovo ThinkShield provides an all-important shield against the evolving threat landscape. The result is intelligently designed PCs for modern businesses.

There's power in partnership.

To get the most out of your Lenovo, Intel vPro and Windows 11 experience, sign up as a partner with TD SYNNEX today.

Implementing an Intel vPro® environment is simple.

Intel vPro chipsets – including the Intel® i5 processor, i7 processor, and Xeon processor – are found in a wide range of Lenovo devices, both mobile and desktop, so adopting this technology is easy.

Lenovo products that feature Intel vPro technology include:

Lenovo X Series

Lenovo Yoga Series

Lenovo T Series

Lenovo P Series

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