Easy to manage. Future ready.

When it comes to modern workplace technology, Windows 11 sits at the pinnacle.

Designed to enhance hybrid working, it offers a range of powerful new features that can help your customers to grow their businesses – including faster deployment, improved capabilities and robust security.

In fact, Windows 11 Pro is the most secure Windows ever, and boosts productivity through easy collaboration and management. Wherever work takes your customers, and whatever function they require, Windows 11 delivers smart experiences, powerful performance and reliable uptime, every time.

Breakthrough productivity.

Users can achieve more in less time with Windows 11 and Windows 11 Pro, boosting productivity and accelerating outcomes.

Immersive workflows.

It’s easy to stay in the zone when users can quickly find the right answers and work seamlessly across applications, data and the cloud.

Personalised experiences.

Windows 11 Pro lets users tailor their device to their unique workstyle, enabling everyone to make a bigger impact through AI-enhanced experiences.

The time to upgrade is now.

Support is ending for Windows 10 on October 14th 2025, which means that devices running the legacy operating system will no longer get security and feature updates.

So, why should you encourage your customers to upgrade ahead of time?

A well-structured and phased approach ensures a smoother transition, minimises disruptions, and maximises the benefits of upgrading to Windows 11 for your customers. Plus, it presents a perfect opportunity for you as the partner, as it allows you to enable a competitive edge by promoting the AI-enhanced productivity and powerful out-of-the-box security that comes as standard with new Windows 11 Pro devices.

Innovate to accumulate.

Over recent years, employee productivity has become a key driver for purchase intent.

However, it’s not just about getting more done in less time. It’s about agility, problem solving capabilities and – above all for many organisations – employee wellbeing and enjoyment.

Customers across multiple industries are excited about the potential for AI to increase both their competitive advantage and workforce environment. By presenting it to them fully grounded in the Windows technology that they already know and love, you make AI a tangible opportunity, opening up new doors towards innovation.

Support your customers with business-ready technology and the benefits of AI on innovative, high-performance Windows 11 Pro devices, backed by modern management and evergreen priorities.

To break new ground, you need groundbreaking devices.

To get the most out of their investment, users need to pair their Windows 11 upgrade with compatible devices that have been designed to elevate every working style.

Level up your customers’ Windows experience by introducing them to technology from leading vendors such as Dell Technologies, HP and Lenovo.

Work like a pro with Microsoft Office.

Are your customers looking to provide their employees with the right tools to organise their working day?

Enable them to accomplish that goal by combining their upgrade to Windows 11 with the safety and security of Microsoft’s trusted suite of Office products.

Office Home & Business 2021 offers a single set of updated, yet familiar apps that work to keep your customers both organised and productive. With cloud-powered tools designed for creating, collaborating and presenting, Microsoft Office makes it simple to work together across platforms and locations, building community and deepening connections in a hybrid working landscape.

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