Bid Portal

TD SYNNEX’s Bid Portal allows customers to request deal registration and bid pricing for over 45 vendors in one easy-to-use, accessible portal. Furthermore, on our InTouch product pages, proactive notifications are in-place to make sure you never miss attractive deal registration opportunities.

Configuration Tools

Our configuration tools allow you to self-serve on complicated quotes and sell complex products where perhaps your sales team wouldn’t normally have the knowledge to do so without support. What’s more, by enabling easy attach sales in margin rich accessories, you’ll see an increase in margin and profit.

Data Feeds

TD SYNNEX’s Data Feeds provide partners with the raw data content daily, to populate your enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. This gains access to daily pricing and hourly stock levels, meaning you can update your own ERP accordingly.

Datech Renewal E-Store

Datech Renewal E-Store sends software renewal reminders to partners and/or end users 60, 45, 10 and 5 days before contract expiry. This notifies partners of order opportunities so that they don’t miss out on contract renewals.

Digital On-Demand

TD SYNNEX’s Digital on Demand service instantly delivers activation codes to allow customers to download, install and activate consumer software products across 60+ gaming and applications publishers.

Electronic Integration

Designed for all partners who transact upwards of 5 daily orders with TD SYNNEX, our Electronic Integration process gives you access to real time information direct from TD SYNNEX SAP, improved service levels, automation and an overall cost reduction.

Hosted Web Stores

Host your own website that front ends TD SYNNEX’s, this will become a web solution that your customers can access, complete with your branding and messaging, but products from TD SYNNEX. We feed information into your store with back end integration to our EDI gateway for order processing and live updates on stock and pricing.



InTouch is TD SYNNEX’s Industry leading product, pricing and purchasing platform. InTouch gives our customers real time access to our product portfolio online, with over 200,000 SKUs at any one time each with real time price, availability, spec sheets, compatible attach and available promotions or quantity pricing.

Online Pricing Tools

TD SYNNEX’s online pricing tools gives you, our partners, real time pricing and availability, either as direct coding by the customer using our schema or by using a 3rd party such as Quosal or QuoteWerks Connectwise.

Software Store

The Software Store is an online platform created to help you manage and transact your software license business with TD SYNNEX. The Software Store delivers real time price, utilising an intelligent rules engine and contract database, to guide you through the quote to order process across all our key software manufacturers.


StreamOne enables partners to resell multi-cloud SaaS and hybrid solutions in monthly or annual subscriptions and manages those subscriptions on behalf of your customers.

TD Engage

TD SYNNEX Engage gives our SMB customers a low-cost web store solution, ranging from a free iFramed catalogue to B2C web store for under £1,000 per year. The solution is typically aimed at SMB partners who are looking to provide a store for their customers, but are not sure on the uptake, so are looking to keep costs to a minimum.


Our live web chat facilities give customers real-time access to a sales agent via our InTouch website; these agents are available to answer any questions you may have and help you to navigate through the website itself.