Meet Windows 11.

Intuitive navigation. Easy organisation. Faster performance.

It’s the best Windows yet.

Support for Windows 10 ends in:

The countdown is on!

Support is ending for Windows 10 on October 14, 2025, which means that your customers’ legacy devices will no longer get security and feature updates.

Help them move to Windows 11 now to benefit from the latest technology and to ensure a smooth, straightforward upgrade path.

The Windows we know and love…but better.

Windows 11 has been carefully designed for compatibility with your customers’ existing apps and hardware, making it easy to deliver a productivity upgrade to their employees. It’s familiar technology, but elevated – providing better security and increased productivity to support the ever-evolving modern business landscape.

Customers should upgrade to Windows 11 now to ensure that they:

  • Reduce their vulnerability by adopting tighter security measures.
  • Receive the latest innovations in AI, including Copilot in Windows.
  • Access improved productivity, cost-efficient management, increased reliability and more.
  • Allocate sufficient time to optimise the upgrade process and ensure a smooth transition.

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