Why TD SYNNEX for Lenovo?

TD SYNNEX is the only ‘Lenovo 360’ Distributor in the UK, winning Lenovo’s 360 Distributor of the Year in 2022, with experts covering PC, Enterprise and AV solutions.

As many small businesses and large enterprises continue to migrate toward an Everything-as-a-Service consumption model, ‘Lenovo 360’ is a new, first-of-its-kind global channel partner framework designed to provide easier access to the entire Lenovo portfolio.

The new Lenovo 360 framework helps partners capitalise on service-led and end-to-end solutions-based opportunities with their customers whilst growing additional revenue streams.

TD SYNNEX Services

Grow your business with Lenovo by taking advantage of our new e-tools and features, such as training, certifications and channel marketing playbooks.


Lenovo and TD SYNNEX can offer a solution to meet the ever-changing challenges that your customers face, from their entire portfolio of PC, Enterprise and AV products and services.


Lenovo’s client portfolio includes a comprehensive range of hardware, software and services.


Lenovo’s Enterprise solutions solve today’s IT Infrastructure challenges, engineered to optimise resiliency, performance and TCO with simple deployments to accelerate business growth.


Capitalise on upselling Lenovo accessories, where you will find everything from mice and keyboard combinations to laptop bags, docking stations, the latest noise-cancelling headsets and high-definition monitors.