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Lenovo’s Enterprise portfolio helps clients transform their data centres with next-generation IT offerings that are appliance-centric, pre-validated and pre-integrated for quick time to value, agility and superior ease of use.

Lenovo understands the complex needs of enterprise level IT organisations and offers a range of blade and rack servers and storage solutions that can be customised to fit your unique device management preferences.

ThinkSystem Servers

Reduce costs and complexity by investing in a system that manages your customers’ workloads and scales to accommodate future growth.

Rack Servers

Lenovo’s versatile, highly reliable rack servers are designed to manage most data centre workloads, from IT infrastructure and HPC, to cloud and hyperconverged. They offer flexible storage, I/O and industry-leading reliability for business-critical workloads.

Tower Servers

Lenovo rack-mountable tower servers deliver powerful performance and versatile storage configurations in a small footprint for SMBs to large institutions. The server is now available with the Intel Xeon E-2200 Series processor s, enabling you to achieve data centre reliability, optimised for office environments.

Blade Servers

Flex System is Lenovo’s proven, second-generation blade server, that efficiently runs infrastructure applications with up to 80% better density than standard rack server deployments. Blade servers miminise the use of physical space and energy and can offer up to 85% reduction in cabling as compared to the same number of conventional 1U (one rack unit) servers.

Mission-Critical Servers

With Lenovo mission-critical servers, receive best-in-class reliability and uptime with powerful performance for the workloads that run their enterprise.

High-Density Servers

Lenovo high-density servers deliver exceptional computing power in minimal space to tackle workloads like HPC, AI, cloud, grid and analytics.

Server Options

Give your customers enhanced performance and functionality with easy-to-install and configure server options, compatibility tested for fast integration.


ThinkSystem Storage

Lenovo provide storage solutions that are easy to manage, simple to scale and with high availability. They adapt to your customers’ growing virtual environments, fitting into their existing budget whilst ensuring data is ready when they need it.

Storage-Area Network

Data centre, virtualisation, cloud and big-data ready, Lenovo’s storage-area network (SAN) is easy to use and affordable with advanced capabilities to integrate into a new or existing infrastructure.

Direct-Attached Storage

Lenovo direct-attached storage units are powerful, flexible, cost-effective and provide high-capacity storage, ideal for space constrained environments and cost-sensitive customers.

Tape Storage

Lenovo’s tape storage offers a cost-effective data protection and archive solution, providing long-term backup and archive storage data protection while lowering overall storage cost.


ThinkSystem Networking

Future proof your customers’ cloud infrastructure with interoperable, high performance and great value networking solutions. Lenovo networking switches are built for modern data centres; the range includes Ethernet RackWitch (ToR), Ethernet Switches for Flex (Embedded), Networking Software and Campus Switches.


Hyperconverged Products

Lenovo provide storage solutions that are easy to manage, simple to scale and with high availability. They adapt to your customers’ growing virtual environments, fitting into their existing budget whilst ensuring data is ready when they need it.


Lenovo’s ThinkAgile Integrated Appliances and Systems are designed to simplify your customers’ IT infrastructure and increase productivity. Whether your customers require purpose-built appliances or fully integrated systems, ThinkAgile frees them up to focus on their core business capabilities.

Integrated Appliances

ThinkAgile Integrated Appliances are specifically designed to help your customers scale as they grow. The appliances are built with Lenovo’s highly reliable and powerful servers and backed by world-class Lenovo services and support. They are fully tested and configured so you can dramatically accelerate your customers’ time to market and reduce infrastructure maintenance time and costs.

ThinkAgile HX Series

Designed for easy deployment and manageability in scale-out clusters, the Lenovo ThinkAgile HX Series integrates Nutanix software onto Lenovo’s highly reliable and scalable servers. These appliances are fully integrated, tested and configured.

ThinkAgile VX Series

The Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Series allows you to focus on your business rather than how to build out your infrastructure. This hyperconverged solution integrates VMware vSAN, server and software-defined storage into a single platform that can quickly and easily be deployed and managed. Rated Number 1 in reliability and customer satisfaction, VX Series has the configuration flexibility to meet any application needs.

ThinkAgile MX Series

ThinkAgile MX Integrated Systems and Certified Nodes enable customers to modernise their on-premises Azure Stack HCI infrastructure with pre-tested, pre-configured and easy to order configurations. Benefit from enforced configuration rules, best recipe firmware and where available, the ThinkAgile Advantage support team. Lenovo offers optional services for deployment or management.

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