TD SYNNEX’s Partnership with Jabra

At TD SYNNEX, we bring you Jabra’s entire business portfolio for both personal and office workspace requirements. Our TD SYNNEX sales team can provide Jabra’s renowned Evolve and Engage headsets as well as the Speak2 portable speakerphone. And our Maverick specialist team, supplies PanaCast solutions, including the award winning PanaCast 50, for all your meeting needs.



Jabra Video Conferencing

Best-in-class meeting solutions.

Jabra’s premium audio visual solutions are specifically designed for the modern meeting room. The flagship Jabra PanaCast series, features intelligent video and audio technology that creates a more inclusive and engaging meeting experience.

By partnering with TD SYNNEX and Jabra, you’ll expand your portfolio to include best-in-class conferencing solutions that cater to the growing demand for effective hybrid work environments.

How has Jabra PanaCast reinvented video conferencing?

  • Unlike traditional webcams with a limited field of view, PanaCast has a world-first 180-degree panoramic view using three 13-megapixel cameras. Eliminating blind spots in huddle rooms, and ensuring everyone is visible.
  • PanaCast incorporates intelligent tools to enhance video calls. Features like auto-zoom ensure everyone stays in the frame, while HDR delivers excellent video quality even in variable lighting.
  • Jabra designed PanaCast for plug-and-play simplicity. It requires no complex setup and works seamlessly with all major video conferencing platforms, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom.
  • Jabra created PanaCast not just as a webcam but as part of a video conferencing series. This includes solutions like PanaCast Meet Anywhere, designed for portability, and of course the famous PanaCast 50 for larger meetings.
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Award-winning technology.

The award winning Jabra PanaCast 50 video bar boasts a panoramic 180-degree field of view, ensuring everyone in the room is seen clearly. Combined with its intelligent audio system and whiteboard sharing function, the PanaCast 50 fosters truly inclusive and productive meetings.

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Ready to meet the Unmeetables?

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At TD SYNNEX we offer the entire Jabra peripherals portfolio to help you turn unmeetables into unbeatables.

Some people, through no fault of their own, are accidentally disrupting meetings. Their background noise is causing chaos in online meetings

You could call these people ‘unmeetable’. And Jabra have!

Meet the Unmeetables.

If you’re not using the right tech in your Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or Zoom meetings, then you’re probably an unwitting ‘Unmeetable’.

Help your customers to reach difficult demographics with Jabra peripherals.

Offer Noisy Neighboured Nick an Evolve2 50 headset featuring neighbour-proof (active noise-cancelling) microphones.

Or an Evolve2 65 Flex headset for Dog Mad Dougie to help drown out the doggy din thanks to hybrid active noise cancellation.

And Turbo Typing Toni could really benefit from the Speak2 75 speakerphone’s tap-proof microphones.

And of course we can’t forget the plight of Space Invaded Suzi and her children that only want to help. She needs a durable Engage 55 headset with passive noise cancelling to help her stay focused.

Why do businesses need professional audio solutions?

To help their unmeetables of course!

Why choose to partner with TD SYNNEX for Jabra?

Partnering with TD SYNNEX for Jabra solutions gives your customers a technological edge. As a leading distributor of Jabra products, we have the expertise and resources to help you choose the right Jabra solutions for your customers’ needs.

We also offer comprehensive training and support, so you can be confident in your ability to sell and service Jabra products.

With TD SYNNEX as your partner, you can deliver the best possible Jabra experience for your customers.

Ready to find out more?

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