Absen’s displays cover a wide range of applications including Commercial Display, Data Visualisation, so whatever your vision or need – there’s an Absen LED solution scaled, designed and priced to fit. Through constant innovation and development, Absen is renowned for its high-quality products, global presence and full-service capabilities.

Meetings just got real – Absen 3.0 Series

  • All in one LED screen Stunning visual performance
  • Easy to operate: multi-screen split, wireless content sharing, remote control
  • Dual operating system: Windows 10 / android 8
  • Available in 110” / 138” and 165”
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Lobbies just got real – A27 Plus Series

  • Standard 27,5” inch cabinet, 16:9 FHD/4K resolution
  • 1.2 / 1.5 / 1.9 pixel pitch
  • Outstanding image Quality
  • Front install service
  • <9cm wall mount
  • High contrast
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Retail stores just got real – K Plus Series

  • Slim design. 500×1000 / 500×250
  • 1.9 / 2.5 / 3.9 pixel pitch
  • Front and rear maintenance
  • Flexible panel combination: 90 degree corner support
  • Brightness: 700 nits
  • Hanging/Stacking/Front Installation
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Shop windows just got real – K Plus D Series

  • Slim design. 500×1000 / 500×250
  • 2.9 / 3.9 pixel pitch
  • Front and rear maintenance
  • Flexible panel combination: 90 degree corner support
  • High Brightness: 3000 nits
  • Hanging/Stacking/Front Installation
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Absen x Crestron

The UC-M70-T Crestron Flex table top conferencing system provides a large room video conference solution for use with Microsoft Teams® Rooms software. It features a Crestron Flex tabletop conference device, Huddly AI collaboration camera, UC bracket assembly, microphone pod, power supply, and cables.

Native Microsoft Teams® Rooms Experience

The UCM70T system brings the full Microsoft Teams Rooms UC experience to any meeting space in an enterprise or SMB facility.

High-Definition Video Conferencing

The included AI collaboration camera (UC-CAM-L1) features a wide-angle 103° diagonal field of view to capture an entire conference room in Full HD 1080p video resolution. High precision aspherical optics, 20.30 MP CMOS sensor, and advanced video processing ensure a clear video image free from light or noise artifacts. Genius Framing digital autozoom intelligently detects the people in the room and frames them for an optimal view.

Absen x Logitech

The large room configuration combines easy management with outstanding coverage across a wide range of room sizes and layouts. Create the perfect configuration of speakers and microphones to fit your space, with clutter-free cable management and multiple mounting options. Enjoy one touch to join simplicity and wired content sharing with the Tap touch controller. .

  • Definitive conference camera system for large spaces
  • 90° diagonal field of view
  • Mechanical pan, tilt and zoom offers outstanding 132° horizontal and 82°
  • Vertical room coverage
  • Lossless image quality up to 5X optical zoom at 4K Ultra HD quality
  • Razor-sharp up to 15X zoom for HD video
  • Comes with two speakers and two mic pods, expandable up to seven mic pods
  • Add RoomMate to run Teams Rooms on Android
  • Simple to use One-Touch-Join meeting experience

Schedule meetings easily with Logitech tap scheduler for Microsoft teams rooms

Remarkably simple to set up and designed for deployment at scale, Tap Scheduler can be added to any room to make the most out of meeting spaces.

Absen x Neat

Neat Bar is a simple and elegant, compactly designed yet highly capable meeting room device for Zoom or Microsoft Teams. It’s perfect for bringing superior-quality audio and video to meeting, huddle or focus rooms for up to ten people.

  • 120° FOV Wide angle camera with 4 X Digital Zoom
  • 5 microphones angled in an end-fire array
  • Automatic people framing and distortion correction
  • Table stand, wall mount and screen mount
  • Triple screen support (Neat Bar Pro)
  • Integrated ultrasonic speakers
  • Multicolour side LED indicators
  • One cable for power and ethernet
  • Anti glare, anti smudge coating

Neat Pad is a controller and scheduling display with an optimal screen angle for easy viewing and interaction. Whether it’s placed on a table or wall to control meetings or display room availability outside the room, its slimline design enables it to fit anywhere.

Absen x Bose x Sennheiser

Clear the table for better collaboration. Part of the Bose Work family of conferencing products, the Bose Ceiling Audio Solutions are complete conferencing systems for fully integrated meeting rooms. They combine the premium performance of Bose loudspeakers and Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphone — along with a Bose amplifier and DSP — to deliver a seamless meeting experience that empowers productivity. They’re complete room audio solutions, ready for quick deployment and configuration of the electronics, reducing installation time.

A Bose Ceiling Audio Solution is more than fully integrated — it’s truly integrated. Completely out of the way. With fewer devices on walls and tabletops, meeting participants can stand, sit, or move around the room freely with the confidence that they’ll hear and be heard.

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