We’re all working just about everywhere these days.

The tools we use need to be versatile enough for all kinds of users, in all sorts of environments. Whether it’s working in the office, working remotely at home or in transit, we need tools to be adaptable to different users, different workspaces and different tasks while retaining secure connectivity, useful functionality, and the assurance of business continuity.

Logitech and TD SYNNEX

The TD SYNNEX team are honoured and delighted to work with leading vendor Logitech to offer a wide range of tools and solutions.

The impressive Logitech portfolio includes premium video conferencing hardware, and a wide range of popular ergonomic peripherals.

As a partner, the compelling benefits of TD SYNNEX for Logitech include:

  • Full Logitech portfolio, from mice, keyboards, and headsets to full video conferencing room solutions (including Maverick)
  • The portfolio of products covers retail/consumer and enterprise-focused products, as well as the video conferencing range
  • Easy-to-order complete end-user solutions, for both PC and audio-visual vendors
  • All the comprehensive support you usually expect from TD SYNNEX
  • Product specialists across both peripherals and the Maverick Business Units to support your specialist enquiries
  • Competitive InTouch pricing and freight discounts
  • Ability to add onto hardware subscription offers through TaaS
People need comprehensive connectivity
To be able to work with agility, in a whole host of different environments, people want peripherals and tools with optimum connectivity that can work with multiple devices.
People need to collaborate
Dispersed teams need to be able to collaborate effectively from anywhere. Central to this need is state-of-the-art, affordable video conferencing with superior audio-visual quality and smart software that’s easy to use and compatible across different conferencing platforms.
People need to be able to work remotely
Teams need tools to recreate the office experience at home as well as when they’re on the move, to stay as collaborative and productive as they are in the office.
People need to feel comfortable to work better
Digital workers spend more time than ever performing repetitive tasks that can increase muscle strain, cause injury, and compromise overall productivity. They need ergonomic tools that promote wellness wherever they’re working.

Workspace wins

In the increasingly complex world of working environments, teams need technology that empower them to collaborate in real-time, perform at their best, and stay connected to keep the business running – wherever they are.

How Logitech helps you win

Secure powerful wins for your business and your customers:

  1. Universally compatible devices for leading operating systems and apps
  2. Unbeatable long-term value with devices that are durable, reliable, and cost-efficient
  3. Frictionless use with devices that are easy to deploy and familiar to use
  4. Relentless innovation in the workspace to improve performance
  5. Design users love these devices because they’re powerful, beautiful and effortless to use

Logitech have core collections and a wellness selection focused on the needs of the modern-day digital worker.

Work better solutions

Innovative performance devices for creators, makers, and doers – optimised for distinct user needs and desktop configurations.

Software empowered intelligent peripherals that:
✓ Reduce clutter and improve aesthetics
✓ Are universally compatible
✓ Enable control of multiple screens using one device
✓ Improve workflow with advanced pre-sets for leading software

Work together solutions

In the modern world of working, video conferencing has become an essential collaboration tool. Teams in different locations need to be able to connect to video easily.

Find out more about Logitech video conferencing solutions

Work remote solutions

Many people now work at home or on-the-go, and they need the best tools to help them stay collaborative and productive. Tools that are wireless, effortless and portable.

Make remote working work with devices that are:
✓ Easy to use
✓ Seamlessly compatible
✓ Wire-free connectivity enabled
✓ Powered to perform longer
✓ Built to last for heavy daily use
✓ Ergonomically conscious.

Work healthier solutions

Digital workers are vulnerable to repetitive tasks that can increase muscle strain, cause injury and compromise productivity. The Ergo Series is designed to reduce key muscle activity and improve overall posture and comfort.

Ergonomic design for wellbeing and performance that:
✓ Encourages natural ergonomic posture
✓ Reduces muscle activity and strain
✓ Is based on scientifically proven optimal ergonomic forms
✓ Is comfortable to use
✓ Is favoured by 9 out of 10 users.