Why TD SYNNEX for a Modern Workplace?

The world of work has changed. More workers expect flexibility and mobility in their work than ever before. This means businesses need to adapt and accommodate to retain the best talent.

Our Modern Workplace Hub is designed to help you enhance your workplace solutions offering, and ensure your customers are able to reap the benefits. We’ll show you how to take advantage of opportunities to grow and earn new revenues.

Reduce Cost

Lower real estate overheads potential through mobile working
Decreased instances of sick days and absenteeism through improved wellness
Much reduced CO2 footprint and associated travel costs

Increase Profit

Infrastructure optimisation services to increase profit margins on wrap around services to take to market
Financial services such as TD SYNNEX Renew and Tech-as-a-Service
E-Commerce platform via Intouch
A full range of accessories tailored to the meeting space offer ideal upsell opportunities

Drive Growth

Realise new services to open up new revenue streams
Offer comprehensive and target group-specific solution concepts
Empower scalability in secure, remote devices

Customer Satisfaction

Deepen your thought leadership role to customers
Help meet the needs of changing workplace demographics and expectations
Offer the widest range of vendor products and solutions to meet any customer preference or requirement
Installation and configuration services are available on demand for fast set up of Modern Workplace Solutions
Our unique proof of concept demonstration facility enables your customers to see our portfolio of products in actio

Modern Workplace Solutions

Modern Workplace Services

TD SYNNEX offer a wide range of modern workplace services to help increase profit, drive growth, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. Find out more about our services and how they can benefit you and your customers.