TD SYNNEX’s value-added services enable our partners to succeed in the technology market.

By upgrading your customer’s operating system to Windows 11 through TD SYNNEX, you can access a whole host of tools and support that will ensure the transition runs smoothly and without hiccup.

Looking to grow your profit margin, without fuss?

Elevate your business by offering your customers access to a Tech-as-a-Service subscription for all of their hardware, software and service needs.

By combining everything into a single, affordable solution that can be paid monthly or quarterly, our programme enables your customers to take advantage of the latest technology, optimise their IT budgets and simplify their bills, all in one swoop.

Green is good.

With support from TD SYNNEX’s Trade-In programme, help your customers to realise the value of their old equipment by trading it in against new technology – saving time, money and the environment.


We handle everything from real-time quoting for single or multiple devices, to trade-in, transport, order tracking and recycling.


We erase data in line with Blancco/BlackBelt industrial standards and recycle devices according to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 environmental standards.


Your customers can reduce the cost of running old equipment and save money when offsetting it against the purchase of new kit.

When it comes to logistics, we’re a cut above.

TD SYNNEX’s purpose-built, state-of-the-art distribution centre is located at Magna Park in Leicestershire. It is the largest, most advanced dedicated mobile distribution centre in Europe, with over 3½ miles of automated conveyor and 500,000sq. ft of floor space.

Our logistics services include:

  • Asset tagging and labelling
  • Customisation and configuration
  • White label deliveries

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