Security Assessment

Just as technology changes, so do the threats. When your customers add devices to their network without adequately securing them, they become an easy target for the millions of daily malicious attacks. Issues such as vulnerabilities, holes and even simple human error can all be used by attackers to compromise the network.

Our AV Security Assessment also assesses the strengths and weaknesses of your customers’ AV devices; our TD SYNNEX security experts will contact you with their findings and can help you enhance the security level of your customers network.

Onsite Training

TD SYNNEX have a host of sales and technical specialists in-house who are poised and ready to offer industry leading training. The TD SYNNEX Channel Academy offers all-encompassing sales enablement training throughout the AV Solutions portfolio, so you can boost your profit and grow your business.

Demonstration Capabilities

We at TD SYNNEX provide demonstrations on selected specialist technology solutions to partners, vendors and end users at locations across the UK. Specialist staff support partners using the installed solutions at our site or using the mobile demonstration resources that can be deployed at sites to suit partners using our specialist logistic services.

Trade-in Services

Creating a modern workplace will inevitably mean replacing legacy equipment with newer, better technology. Old equipment can still hold value for customers.

Discover TD SYNNEX’s bespoke device trade-in programme. It helps customers realise the value of their existing devices, and maximise their IT budget by saving on new equipment.

TD SYNNEX handle the entire process, from real-time quoting for a single or multiple devices, to order tracking, secure shipping and guaranteed data erasure.

You can search and obtain a quotation for multiple devices simultaneously that can be then offered to your customers. Quotations are managed using an easy to use admin system.


Tech-as-a-Service is a subscription plan that bundles together hardware, software, and services into a single contract. It gives customers the latest equipment and services for a modern workplace via a simple, low-cost monthly or quarterly payment plan. With no large fees up front, it converts CapEx to OpEx for the customer, enabling sustainable, long-term investment.

  • Margin – Improve your margin on products by choosing how much to add
  • Cashflow – With Tech-as-a-Service, you’re paid as soon as the customer takes delivery
  • Attach – Sell more solutions and services more often with increased refresh opportunities
  • Differentiate – Stand out as a comprehensive modern workplace provider, with hardware, software, support and more
  • Retain – Create customers for life through flexible contracts offering the latest technologies