Microsoft Teams brings together everything your customers need to empower exceptional teamwork in one intuitive collaboration space. Users can gain an in-office working experience regardless of their physical location using Microsoft Teams Meetings, helping save the time and cost of travel, with no loss in functionality or availability.


People work best when they can quickly and effectively communicate with one another. Microsoft Teams using Teams Meetings brings this ability to your customers in the most innovative, and inventive ways.

Users can engage in private chats or group conversations, or both. Whatever works best for the situation.

Chats are threaded, persistent, and contextual, meaning everyone stays involved and in the loop.

Teams keeps it enjoyable, with personable features including gifs, stickers, and emojis, to help keep the environment positive.


Up to 80% of SMB employee time is spent collaborating, it’s therefore crucial that this time isn’t wasted on admin such as searching for documents and setting up meetings, rather than the work itself. It’s also key to have the tools that grow and adapt to meet the changing needs of users.

With Microsoft Teams, all conversations, files, and tools are located within one team workspace, so everyone knows where to find them, and no one is left out.

Users can share and co-author files simultaneously within Microsoft Teams, keeping everyone on the same page and working towards the same goal.

Group chats are integrated into the workspace, allowing for easy communication and open discussion, meaning the whole team stays up to date.


Just because your customers’ teams are able to work on the same page, it doesn’t mean every customer has to work in the same way. Microsoft Teams is fully customisable to enable businesses to work and collaborate the way they want and the way they know best.

In addition to collaborating on Office 365 apps such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, third party services can be integrated into the Microsoft Teams platform, so your customers gain the benefits of Teams, while retaining the apps and programmes they need to do their job properly, all in one location.

Files can be pinned, ensuring those most used, and that are more important, are more easily accessed and referenced.

Customisable displays make the Microsoft Teams workspace your customers’ own personal workspaces. For a business of any size, it’s a cost-effective means of expressing their personality, strengthening their brand identity.


For IT teams seeking to enhance teamwork and collaboration, security remains a top priority. Microsoft Teams has been developed with security considerations at the forefront; privacy and trust have been built directly into the app. It gives users the capability to collaborate easily and effectively, and IT departments the peace of mind that they are doing so securely.

From signing in to logging off, Microsoft Teams users are protected by end-to end security, so they don’t put themselves, or others, at risk.

Security features such as multi-factor authentication and secure guest access guard the Teams platform, and mean only the correct users access the workspaces they are entitled to.

Built-in information protection with eDiscovery and audit mean your customers are easily able to prove regulatory compliance when handling sensitive data with Microsoft Teams.