For SMB companies, the world of enterprise technology is constantly evolving, inspiring businesses of all shapes and sizes to digitally transform. Today’s businesses are more virtual, more connected and more collaborative than ever before.

  • 1 in 4 of today’s workers are cloud workers
  • These workers spend more than 4 hours a day in a web browser on cloud-connected apps
  • They are mobile, and seek collaboration and fluidity of information1

Legacy Endpoints

Legacy endpoints simply aren’t built for the way cloud workers operate and IT admins need solutions that help them meet evolving demands faster. These endpoints tie up IT professionals with basic administrative tasks to ensure virus updates, software updates, OS patches and data backup are all in place.

Google Chrome Enterprise combats these issues with devices and software that are specifically built for cloud workers. Chromebooks and Chrome OS enable quick deployment and easy maintenance as your customers’ businesses grow.

Device Management

Device management is a cumbersome issue for SMB companies; some of the most common issues include:

Security issues due to loss or theft of devices

IT professionals’ time is reduced to menial tasks

Employees inadvertently install or use apps from untrusted sources, leaving your customers’ businesses open to security breaches

Google Chrome Enterprise is home to a device management system with over 200+ policies so your customers can combat these exact issues. Chrome policies make it easy to manage a large fleet of devices with optimal defaults, fleet management capabilities – such as device disablement if they’re lost or stolen – and complete compliance and data privacy.

Cost Effectiveness

ESG’s Economic Value Validation2 process revealed deploying Chromebooks can provide significant cost reduction and opportunities for economic benefit.

  • Reduced acquisition costs, including hardware and software
  • Reduced operational costs, including deployment, administration, support, maintenance and power
  • Improved business uptime, including less data risk increased user productivity and less downtime

Speed and Efficiency

Chrome OS is fundamentally built to reduce downtime for workers. Some key features and benefits to boost speed and efficiency include:

  • Increased uptime for workers
  • Devices boot in under 6 seconds
  • Regular OS updates that run in the background

Empower your cloud workers with Chrome Enterprise

As SMB companies rapidly move over to the cloud, they need the tools at their disposal to support this infrastructure. This rise in SaaS adaption has brought with it a new breed of worker – the Cloud Worker.

Download our presentation today to discover how Chrome Enterprise supports these modern day workers.

Chrome Enterprise for SMBs e-Guide

The world of work is changing, working in the cloud gives user much greater flexibility and mobility, as well as increasing the opportunity for collaboration, regardless of physical location. Businesses that adapt to the modern cloud worker are best placed to reap the potential benefits.

Download our e-Guide on ‘Chrome Enterprise for SMBs’ to learn about how Chrome Enterprise is secure by design, a smart investment and delivers simplicity for users and IT professionals.