Retail Customers

Customers’ expectations in retail are higher than ever before

  • Curious - 55%+ Growth in searches for ‘ideas’ on mobile1
  • Demanding - 1 in 3 expect personalised recommendations2
  • Impatient - 120% growth in searches for ‘same day shipping3
Retail Customers

Want to fix issues without losing productivity4

Want to access files and apps from anywhere, on any device4

Want single sign-on accounts and applications4

Want continuity of passwords, bookmarks & plug-ins across devices4

Want to collaborate in real-time on documents and files4

Help your customers empower their employees with the right technology

Companies who arm their workforce with the right digital tools are 5x more likely to see faster growth, and those with highly engaged employees outperform competitors by 147% in terms of earnings per share.8

The right digital tools drive competitive advantage by better serving customers, sharing information and improving productivity.

Working and shopping in retail has changed

Customer and employee expectations are accelerating in line with technological advancements

Dominance of e-commerce forcing retailers to rethink their physical spaces

Data accessibility and analytics are driving ever more personalised, customer-centric experiences

Do your customers ask: “Why shouldn’t we stick to our legacy systems?”

By holding on to legacy systems, your customers can’t support the fast-moving shift in retail direction – these systems are slow, immobile, unreliable and vulnerable to threats. Nearly one in three retailers have already suffered revenue losses as a result of a cyberattack, and retail organisations perceive targeted attacks as the greatest risk facing their business9.

Improving the employee experience…

Assisted Selling

62% of retail workers say mobility solutions have made their jobs easier10

In-store customer service has become a significant differentiator, with sales personnel playing an increasingly pivotal role; devices that give these employees can help hugely. Empower staff to better assist customers with real-time information on inventory, promos and products via a Chrome device.

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Digitise processes, training and comms

41% of employees are likely to leave within one year without further training11

Effectively onboarding employees can improve customer experience, lower turnover and increase revenue. Save time and headaches by digitising common processes on a shared back office device including shift scheduling, time sheets and web-based tasks. Furthermore, keep employees engaged and knowledgeable with devices for training and broad communications including promotions and announcements.

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Information on the go

The average salesperson spends less than 50% of their time selling12

Without clear targets and access to inventory information, mobile sales teams often fail to leverage their potential, closing fewer sales and impressing less new business. Keep workers in the field connected to the information they need with convertible, lightweight, Chrome devices.

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Office worker

75% of don’t believe they have access to the latest efficiency-boosting technology13

Modern workers spend most of their lives in the cloud, and as such, have come to expect undisrupted access. Give your office workers real-time updates on projects, full visibility of collaborations, access to applications and freedom to work from anywhere.

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Improving the customer experience

Customer self-service

89% of shoppers are interested in ordering out-of-stock items via a digital device when in store14

Personalised experiences are the most likely to increase return traffic to stores, provide your customers data and information on their own terms with self-service kiosks. Take advantage of developments in data science to better personalise the experience, and inject innovation into product discovery; customers will also be able to access online inventory, provide.

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In-store marketing and wayfinding

Consumers are hunters, not gatherers, once they arrive at your shop, provide them with light up, contextual, real time, nimble in-store marketing with Chrome digital signage that’s dynamic and can be remotely managed.

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Contact centre solution

Cost-effective, flexible solutions

Contact centres need flexible and cost-effective solutions to accommodate seasonal spikes, the growing trend of distributed agents and business continuity. Chrome Enterprise offers a secure, scalable and easy-to-manage solution for contact centre employees that provides a lower total cost of ownership compared to legacy devices.

Chromebooks work with major phone systems including RingCentral, DialPad, Mitel, Vonage and Cisco.

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