Google have made it easier than ever for your Google Workspace customers to find an affordable solution to host Smart Meetings. Google Meet Hardware delivers a streamlined, productive experience that saves your customers’ time and increases your profit.

Customers can now get connected wherever they choose, whether that be in a collaborative meeting space or halfway across the world. Customers can relax knowing a Google’s purpose-built solutions have everything that their business needs to enable Smart Meetings to run as smooth and efficiently as possible.

Google Meet Hardware

Made to be affordable and headache-free, Google Meet Hardware brings the same reliable, easy-to-join video meeting experience of Meet to the conference room. In just minutes, you can set up Meet hardware and connect with your team, whether they’re on another floor or in another country.

The Google Meet Hardware solution comprises of a one-touch video conferencing system that’s easy to install right out of the box, and an annual software management license.

When you order Google Meet Hardware, for each device you order, you also purchase a software license for that device. Purchasing the device and the license both take place during the same order process.

Asus offer multiple Google Meet Hardware kits to suit any size meeting room. To ensure long-term reliability under prolonged use, the Meet compute system is built and tested to exceed industry requirements.

With a 23.8 inch touchscreen, The Acer Chromebase for Google Meet is designed for peak performance as digital signage, POS, kiosk, or meeting room management in any environment.

Logitech Room Solutions for Google Meet include everything you need for video meetings. Pre-configured systems include a Logitech conferencecam, Meet Compute System, a mount with cable retention, and the Logitech Tap touch controller.

How to Onboard as a Google Meet Hardware Partner

If you want to sell a complete meeting room solution, with Google hardware and software, you need to be onboarded as a Google Meet Hardware partner. TD SYNNEX are here to make this an easy process for you.

  • Have the ability to sell Google Meet Hardware
  • Gain access to exclusive sales and marketing tools
  • Additional Google-specific online training

What is Jamboard?

What is Jamboard?
The cloud-based smartboard. Google Jamboard brings the power and versatility of the cloud with Google Workspace to smartboards, allowing students and meeting participants to fully engage.

A single, 55-inch display with a difference, Jamboard enables presenters or teachers to quickly and easily pull in images from a Google search, save work to the cloud, and be clearly understood with easy-to-read handwriting and shape recognition tools.

Use in tandem with the Jamboard app, and entire classrooms can work together, enabling real-time digital collaboration and empowering increasing amounts of distance learning.

  • Responsive – Write on with a stylus, wipe off with a finger
  • Accurate – Pixel precise 4K display enables up to 16 simultaneous touchpoints
  • Smart – Cloud-based, Jamboard puts the world on display

How does Jamboard work?

Jamboard delivers a collaborative, digital whiteboard experience through a combination of cutting-edge hardware and software. You need to purchase one seat of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) to be able to provision Jamboards and for Jamboards in multiple locations to collaborate with each other. You need to purchase as many Google Workspace licenses as number of employees who want to participate from tablets and their own devices.

How to sell Jamboard?

To resell Jamboard you will need to be onboarded as Jamboard partner.

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