Google Cloud is a popular go-to cloud provider for organisations wanting to save time and money and work more efficiently. Google Cloud is a massive, comprehensive suite of cloud solutions that, broadly speaking, covers three main services areas: infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS). TD SYNNEX partners can now sell all Google Cloud products to end-customers and help them develop and manage a new and secure future-proofed infrastructure in the cloud.

Google Cloud for IaaS & PaaS

Google Cloud is also an attractive scalable proposition for organisations wanting to cost effectively and securely migrate, store and back up their digital assets with flexible compute options. Many businesses these days have vast amounts of data they need to keep safe while maintaining easy access. They also need the cloud tools and services to analyse their data to improve their business. And when it comes to implementing their chosen improvements, they’re able to use Google Cloud computing services to help them easily develop and deploy their new strategies and applications. As a TD SYNNEX partner offering Google Cloud, you’re able to help these businesses get on top of their data.

Google Security Operations Unifies Data Analysis and Threat Response on Google Infrastructure

Google Security Operations is a cloud service, built as a specialised layer on top of core Google infrastructure that enables security teams to store and analyse their security data in one place and to detect, investigate and respond to threats.

Google Cloud for SaaS

Providing a huge range of tools to your customers, Google Workspace is Google’s integrated workspace, providing high performance productivity and security applications designed for collaboration.

Being cloud-based, Google Workspace offers exceptional agility coupled with ease of deployment and use across your customers’ digital estates, while simultaneously unifying the way their staff work and interact, especially when working remotely.

Google Cloud for Chrome

Most of your customers are now “cloud-first” in how they operate. Ensuring your customers get the most from their cloud experience, day-in, day-out, is Google Chrome Enterprise.

Google Chrome Enterprise is the business-focussed solution for Chrome devices, Chrome Browser, and Chrome OS.

In order to take a Chromebook and enable all the business capabilities of the operating system, as well as allowing IT to manage the device, you need Chrome Enterprise Upgrade.

Note: Chrome Enterprise Upgrade was formerly called Chrome Enterprise Licence.

Google Cloud for Security

Allow your customers confidence that operating in a Google Cloud environment offers ultimate security. Protect your organization with Google Cloud security solutions by applying the best of Google to your security in the cloud, on-premises, or in hybrid deployments. Detect, investigate, and help stop cyber threats that target your business and users before attacks result in damage or loss.

TD SYNNEX will give you helpful and flexible support in selling Google Cloud

We don’t just help you get the most out of your Google Cloud offering, we’ll also help you enable it – every step of the way.

Google Cloud – an overview recap

On-demand storage and computing resources in the cloud that save time and money.

Business transformation

Ease of use

Value and operational efficiency (optimising IT Spend)

Custom Industry solutions

Sustainability - Cleanest cloud in the industry at carbon neutral

Why Google Cloud

It gives businesses the resources they need, when they need them.

And they only pay for what they use. By moving over to Google Cloud, businesses have a great opportunity to reduce their reliance on soon-to-be obsolete hardware and the need for on-premises space and environments in which to keep it, lowering OPEX/Operating expenses through digital transformation.

Open & Flexible

Choice and flexibility with open source, hybrid and multi-cloud solutions


Turning data into real-time insights


The cleanest cloud in the industry


Letting customers operate with confidence, knowing their data is secure

Collaboration & Productivity

The best way to create, communicate, and collaborate

Save Money

The cloud offering the most value

Industry Solutions

Customized industry solutions to help customers tackle their toughest challenges

Easy to Use

Innovate quickly and easily with the most intuitive platform

Five reasons why your customers will like Google Cloud

  1. It is a leader in security and protection, and therefore is one of the most trusted cloud providers in the industry.
  2. It can help securely migrate, protect and back up data as well as modernising their IT infrastructure, and reducing operational costs.
  3. It offers open cloud technology meaning it integrates seamlessly with all cloud offerings, as well as the wider suite of Google products and services.
  4. It can help them use AI to increase insight and innovation across their business.
  5. It creates tools and invests in technology that allows businesses to reduce their carbon footprints and fostering a carbon-free future for everyone.

As a TD SYNNEX partner selling Google Cloud, you can help your customers achieve all these aspirations. It’s an exciting proposition for you – and your customers.

Your TD SYNNEX partner benefits selling Google Cloud

  • You get a dedicated team of Google experts to support your business.
  • We give you onboarding support and guidance through the Google partner programme and learning paths.
  • You get training, enablement and certification to upskill your employees.
  • You enjoy partner-level progression to maximise your profitability from the Google Partner relationship.
  • You get access to marketing funds and lead generation.
  • You get support from our technical and marketing services.
  • You have end-to-end coverage across all Google products and solutions.
  • You can use StreamOne Ion Enterprise – our cloud solutions management platform. The platform has a customer facing whitelabel branded storefront functionality allowing your customers to have access to buy and manage their google products themselves.
  • You can seamlessly integrate with your existing multi-cloud environments via TD SYNNEX’s Cloud business unit.

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