What is the circular economy?

The circular economy is a model of production and consumption that involves sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products for as long as possible, extending their lifecycle and minimising waste.

It’s based on three key principles:

  • eliminate waste and pollution
  • circulate products and materials
  • regenerate nature

Why does it matter?

Embracing the circular economy is crucial for sustainable growth. It reduces environmental impact, conserves resources and offers economic benefits by minimising waste and maximising resource efficiency. It’s a smart, responsible step towards a greener future.

As a partner, you’ll likely find that your customers are keen to know more about the circular economy: how it can help their businesses, reduce their environmental impact and how you can help them be part of this beneficial ‘circle’.

Some facts and figures around the circular economy


The UK government’s recycling target for 2035


Potential environmental footprint reduction from more efficient design


Amount of e-waste sent to landfills and incinerators


Additional amount of e-waste sitting in draws, waiting to be discarded

What we’re doing to support the circular economy

At TD SYNNEX, we’re keen to bring compelling technology products, services and solutions to the world and supporting our partners with exceptional service, insight, and world-class implementation.

But we’re also passionate about the environment.

That’s why we’ve committed to being net zero by 2045 and why we’ve developed a range of cutting-edge, sustainability-focussed solutions to help you and your customers with the transition to the new economy.

How we can help

We’ve developed a range services and solutions to help you and your customers move from the traditional, linear economy to the new circular economy.

Trade-in services

Help manage your customers refresh cycle by offering a single solution for all their trade-in requirements.

Value added services

Offer these services to help make your customer’s end-to-end fulfilment more sustainable and optimised.

Finance solutions

A range of flexible payment options and subscription services that help drive growth without the initial outlay.

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability.