Give children the tools to shine

For 40 years, Apple has helped teachers unleash the creative potential in every student, and today, they do that in more ways than ever. Provide your education customers with not only powerful products, but also tools, inspiration and curricula to help your customers create magical learning experiences.

Why should your education customers choose Apple?

Ease of use and ultimate flexibility

Apple devices are so simple and intuitive that students can simply pick them up and get going. The range of apps and teaching devices available give students tools as limitless as their imagination.

Education-focused applications and tools

Apple apps and tools make it easy for teachers to guide students learning and progress in the classroom.

Tools for collaboration

Applications and features enable students to share and collaborate around the classroom with their fellow students and teachers. These tools encourage team-work, collaboration, sharing and productivity.

Opportunities to unleash creativity

Apple products include a number of tools and apps which encourage students to communicate through drawings, photography, music and video. Students can put maths equations to music, bring an illustrator’s eye to social studies, and make scientific processes come alive on film.

The power of the iPad for Learning

iPad can be anything students want it to be, it’s the perfect computer for learning, has the power to create anything a young person can dream of, and it’s so easy to use that they can pick it up and get going immediately.

Harness the power of education Apps

Specific education apps enable teachers to guide how students learn while gaining valuable insight on their progress. The Classroom app is a versatile teaching assistant that puts teachers in charge of every iPad in their classroom, so they can keep their students on track. The new Schoolwork app lets teachers easily assign anything from worksheets to activities in educational apps, follow students’ progress and collaborate with them in real time.