Dell Client Configurator

The Dell Client Configurator is a simple, intuitive and incredibly valuable tool which allows you to create unique, bespoke products that are tailored to your customer’s business requirements. What’s more, once you’ve chosen your specifications we can get a quote back to you within an hour.

We’re not exaggerating when we say it’s simple to use either:

– Access the Dell Client Configurator via TD SYNNEX’s InTouch platform
– Select the product you wish to configure
– Choose from pre-built configuration options or create an entirely unique product from drop down lists
– Save your quote and select TD SYNNEX from the drop down list – this is of paramount importance to enable us to provide your quote
– We’ll immediately be sent a notification of your specifications
– Within an hour, we’ll send you a quote so you can close the sale with your customer

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Dell PowerQuote

Powered by TD SYNNEX’s InTouch platform, PowerQuote is an on-demand quoting tool for Dell Technologies PowerEdgeNow servers. The configurator is easy to navigate and intuitive to use, allowing you to provide your customers with quotes quickly and on-demand.

Watch the Dell Technologies PowerQuote video to find out more.

Six reasons why you'll love PowerQuote:

Easy to useONE

Easy to use:

PowerQuote has been designed to be easy to use and has the ability to generate a quote on demand, through integration with TD SYNNEX’s InTouch purchasing platform.


Quickly find what you want:

With multiple search capabilities, users can access a wide range of Dell Technologies servers and associated upgrades, either by product number (SKU), product description or filters.


Full product information available:

Product information has been included for all Dell Technologies storage servers in PowerQuote, including a system description that contains the most useful attributes for System Unit and full technical documentation.


Correct and accurate cost suggestions:

It is easy to add more options or remove and replace support and operating systems in PowerQuote, including memory, hard disk drives and network adapters.


No need to worry about configuration:

Additional component can be added easily. Built-in configuration information alerts users if a configuration becomes invalid. A message about what needs to be changed appears, preventing an order from being added or exported before it is approved.


Easy export or integration to e-commerce site:

A quote is simply exported to PDF or Excel format.

Volume Grid Pricing

A simple yet effective tool that provides you with appealing pricing when purchasing multiple units of whichever Dell EMC products you desire.

Live on InTouch, when you view products the Volume Grid price appears to the right of the product; simply select how many units you would like to purchase and place them in your basket.

Realise lower pricing and higher margins with TD SYNNEX and Dell EMC.