Easily access product information anytime, anywhere

Enjoy a personalised shopping experience

Experience reduced wait times

What do retail employees and management want?

  • To access customer data quickly
  • To stay informed with up-to-date product information
  • Modern processes that support a customer-centric approach to selling

How can Apple products help your customers to achieve these goals?

Improve communication

With iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, retail staff can remotely look up product information and check inventory from anywhere throughout their store, without being tethered to a desk or till point.

Offer faster, and more personalised customer service

iOS devices can be used as self-serve kiosks around a store to pay for products, or find out more product information, reducing end-customers queueing time.

Modernise your customers’ retail offering

Using iBeacon, retail staff can alert customers on their iOS devices when they enter certain spots around the store. Staff can then provide relevant discounts, highlight key features of products nearby and even offer valuable buying advice.

Hot topics and questions to ask your customers

Motivate further discussion with your customers by highlighting their pain points through these specific, retail-focused questions:

  • Do you have a mobile retail strategy that addresses the customer experience?
  • Are you interested in customer-facing apps to improve shopping experience?
  • How would fast access to real-time inventory, sales reports and customer information help you to improve sales?