A partner programme designed with you in mind.

ASUS have launched a unique portal that provides channel partners with access to exclusive marketing collateral, latest price lists, product imagery, free learning resources and more. Whether you are a company owner, work in purchasing, or are a marketing or sales professional, you are eligible to join the partner programme and elevate your ASUS capabilities.

As well as accessing useful resources, you will also be provided with information around the ASUS Trade and Upgrade scheme and the new Expert range of laptops and desktops, which are now available through TD SYNNEX.

Trade and upgrade!

With ASUS’ trade-in offer, your customers can not only unlock residual value and save money, but also address sustainability concerns by ensuring that their old equipment is properly recycled.

The scheme covers any type of device – including phones, tablets, laptops and desktops – and end users can recycle as many devices as they want to, regardless of the number of ASUS products being purchased.

GDPR-compliant data wipe certificates are provided for all technology recycled, and customers will receive a cashback fee within 30 days of their purchase.

Expert power, endless possibilities

The ASUS ExpertBook range provides a versatile set of lightweight devices, engineered to provide next-generation power and military-grade toughness that customers in key vertical markets are looking for. ExpertBook professional series models also come with ZenCare, which provides an amazing money-back guarantee on ASUS products!

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