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ASUS enables educators and school partners to advance their learning and teaching possibilities by providing comprehensive, student-centred solutions.

They empower all to prepare for a digital future. Students and teachers alike are craving a classroom that is fit for the digital age, and ASUS understands the challenges that they face in making that a reality.

By providing solutions that make learning faster, more interactive and ultimately more fun, ASUS stand out from the crowd as an ideal technology partner for the education community.


Students say online education is more fun and helps them retain information faster.*


The majority of educators believe technology should be incorporated into lessons.**


By 2027, over half of higher education institutions will adopt a hybrid operating model.**

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ASUS Education DNA

Introducing “ASUS Education DNA,” the cornerstone of ASUS’ platform that embodies their unique features and sets them apart from the rest.

Discover the highlights of their innovative solutions that redefine educational technology and experience the ASUS difference firsthand.

Tough enough to last.

Durable and reliable. 

Extreme resilience: military-grade durability and rugged designs

Solid foundation: world-leading ASUS motherboards

Trustworthy platform: ASUS servers as Root-of-Trust resilience

Empower hybrid learning.

Mobility and flexibility.

Nonstop productivity: all-day battery life

Smooth connectivity: ultra-fast Wi-Fi 6E and 4G LTE

Ultimate mobility: portable projectors and screens

Cloud-based learning tools and crystal-clear, AI noise cancellation

Less downtime, more learning.

IT management and maintenance. 

ASUS premium care

MyASUS software Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE)

ASUS Corporate Stable Model (CSM) programme provides a component supply guarantee of up to 36 months

Keeping users safe and healthy.

Secure and hygienic protection.

Healthier study: ASUS Antimicrobial Guard

Eye-friendly display: TUV-certified low blue light

Ironclad security: TPM 2.0 chips and Intel Platform

Firmware resilience

Powerful technology.

Innovations for collaboration.

Empowering education: enhanced graphics performance, intuitive tools and features

Clearer chat and video: AI noise-cancelling audio and camera

Your peace of mind.

Premium support and service.

World-class support: backed by ASUS Premium Care

Seamless service and support: MyASUS software in Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE)

Preparing students for a digital future

When navigating the modern world of work, one of the most powerful and crucial skills to have under your belt is digital literacy.

In order to craft young people into the best possible prospects for future employment, educational institutions need to upgrade their technology offering and immerse students into an innovative tech experience.

Support your education customers in enhancing their learning processes and encouraging student engagement by introducing them to powerful, up-to-the-minute technology from ASUS that supports the latest software and integrates with a range of digital tools, apps and systems.

Empowering educators and support staff

It’s no secret that educators and support staff often find themselves managing challenging workloads with limited resources – the last thing they need is poor technology slowing them down!

ASUS helps your education customers to improve their teaching experience, increasing productivity with user-friendly, easily maintained technology featuring centralised IT management and round-the-clock support. Plus, AI Recovery helps IT administrators to create e-classrooms and allows for easy deployment, set-up and recovery of all devices!

ASUS Case Studies

Enhance your experience with ASUS Education DNA by exploring our case studies section.

Delve into firsthand accounts from satisfied school customers as they share the remarkable benefits they’ve gained from using ASUS education devices. See how ASUS technology is transforming classrooms and revolutionising learning outcomes.

Colyton Grammar School

Leo Academy Trust

Little London Primary School

Sandringham School

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*Institute for the Future of Education, How Did the COVID-19 Pandemic Change the Education Industry Forever?, 2021. https://observatory.tec.mx/edu-bits-2/how-did-covid-19-change-the-education-industry-forever

**Promethean, The State of Technology in Education, 2021/22. https://resourced.prometheanworld.com/gb/technology-education-industry-report/#budgets