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Reliable, secure and agile technology is essential for today’s small-to-medium sized businesses.

ASUS are enhancing productivity for the changing modern workplace. As technology for SMBs continues to evolve, ASUS understands the growing demand for stronger security, agile workforces and flexible IT infrastructures.


Increasing security is a priority and a key reason to increase technology budgets.*


SMBs will reorganise, deploying remote and virtual distributed structures through technology.**


Hybrid workplaces are preferable to traditional non-flexible forms for office workers.***

Enhancing IT for digital transformation

For SMBs, the in-house expertise required for achieving digital transformation is often a luxury that they cannot afford. By helping them to focus their IT teams on what matters the most, ASUS enables SMBs to move further towards digital transformation with reliable, easily maintained devices and expert support.

Empowering an agile workforce

We all love the theory of hybrid working, don’t we? The opportunity to get the job done from anywhere, without compromise, is an idea that we’ve all embraced with open arms.

But what happens if your organisation isn’t properly equipped for such a drastic move?

SMBs that aren’t properly prepared for hybrid working not only risk reduced productivity, but also may struggle to attract and retain talent.

ASUS enables companies to embrace new working structures with lightweight, durable devices that feature AI noise-cancelling technology, impressive battery life and cloud tool compatibility for effective collaboration, wherever business happens.

Keeping company and customer data secure

Of all the businesses out there, SMBs in particular find themselves at the greatest risk of security breaches – yet many of them remain worryingly unprotected. When reputation is everything, this oversight can be extremely detrimental to growth and requires addressing immediately.

ASUS helps to reduce risk and maintain customer trust with enterprise-grade security and Trusted Platform Modules 2.0 (TPM 2.0). Plus, physical security features add an extra layer of protection from unauthorised users!

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***Cybercrime Magazine, 60 Percent Of Small Companies Close Within 6 Months Of Being Hacked, 2019. https://cybersecurityventures.com/60-percent-of-small-companies-close-within-6-months-of-being-hacked/