The Dell Technologies Client product portfolio is as extensive as it is efficient, agile and reliable.

Built to maximise operational effectiveness and optimise flexibility at any scale, the portfolio is thoughtfully designed to help your customers to stay connected to their world.


Work from anywhere with business performance and collaboration.

The world’s most intelligent business PCs with built-in AI adapt to the way you work, wherever you work.

  • Immerse yourself: work confidently with intelligent collaboration, connectivity and security features
  • Always ready! Easy connections, untethered power and smarter systems seamlessly increase the speed of productivity
  • Dell Optimizer transforms your remote work experience

Latitude Rugged

Built for businesses pushing boundaries – unforgiving environments shouldn’t limit potential.

Dell Latitude Rugged laptops redefine field productivity, empower your customers’ workforce to conquer challenges and unleash unparalleled productivity, wherever work takes them.

  • Ultimate field productivity
  • Built sustainably
  • Secure and easy to manage


Powering small businesses.

Power up SMBs with laptops built to deliver security, performance and enhanced video conferencing.

  • Designed for productivity: keep up performance with state-of-the-art processors, anti-glare displays and multiple ports for easy connection
  • Stay secure! Designed to protect both your customer and their data with features like OS Recovery, an optional fingerprint reader and Windows 11 with native anti-virus protection
  • The Vostro portfolio has a sustainable design, featuring products that are EPEAT-registered and ENERGY STAR certified

Mobile Precision Workstations

The #1 workstations in the world.

Precision Workstations are Dell’s highest performing and fully customisable workstations, which are designed, tested and certified with professional applications.

  • Designed for creators, designers and engineers for most intensive industry applications, with desktop-like performance
  • Improved security and enhanced sustainability (3000 and 5000 series)
  • Windows Copilot Hardware Key, provides quick access to AI tools (3000 and 5000 series)

OptiPlex Desktops and All-in-Ones

Intelligence you can rely on.

Deliver enterprise-wide productivity with integrated security, flexible form factors and trusted IT support.

  • Form factor flexibility: work in comfort and style with a sleek new design, built-in intelligent collaboration and security features
  • Rigorous state-of-the-art supply chain controls and Dell-unique secured Component Verification reduce risk of product tampering
  • Find the perfect set-up, as the new OptiPlex family offers curated experiences to fit any work demands

Tower Precision Workstations

The #1 workstations in the world.

Exceptionally scalable mid-tower, powers many industry applications and ultra scalable performance for massive data bases, as well as VR and AI initiatives.

  • They can handle the most demanding applications across multiple industries
  • Deliver optimised performance with exclusive Dell Optimizer for Precision software
  • Access the power to deploy and manage cognitive technology platforms such as Artificial Intelligence (AI)

OptiPlex Thin Client

Enhance your virtual workspaces with OptiPlex Thin Client.

Dell offers a wide selection of secure, reliable, cost-effective OptiPlex thin clients designed to integrate into any virtualised or web-based infrastructure, while meeting the budget and performance requirements for any application.

  • Ultimate end-point, end-to-end security
  • Centralised remote management, making configuration and IT management easy
  • High-quality digital user experience that is more efficient and effective


See everything. Do anything.

The world’s number 1 monitor company delivers a wide range of displays with innovative technology, multitasking and comfort features that expand your customers’ productivity, no matter where they work.

  • Achieve spectacular performance with reliable monitors, packed with innovative design features and technology for ultimate productivity
  • Built to handle everyday challenges, these affordable monitors help drive business efficiency and keep your customers on budget
  • Minimise exposure to harmful blue light emissions with ComfortView technology that promises a flicker-free screen and improved eye comfort

Large Format Displays

Connect. Present. Collaborate.

Modernise your customers’ meeting spaces with Dell Large Format Monitors.

  • Discover more ways to interact with Dell’s interactive monitors, making group collaboration more seamless and intuitive than ever
  • A wide variety of connectivity options allow users to quickly connect and seamlessly switch between presenters, allowing their audience to enjoy a smooth and continuous presentation
  • Dell offer a 3-year Advanced Exchange Service so that if a replacement becomes necessary, it will be shipped to your customer the next business day during the Limited Hardware Warranty period, providing complete peace of mind

Computing Peripherals

Keyboards and Mice, Docks, AV and Sustainability Range

Maximise remote work productivity.

Boost remote productivity with Dell Client Peripherals. Equip your employees with the technology they need to get the job done from anywhere, anytime.

  • Perfectly complement your customers’ Dell PCs with peripherals that are designed, tested and certified to work seamlessly together with Dell systems
  • Conveniently purchase from a single source that offers a wide portfolio of accessories, backed by world-class service and support
  • Thoughtfully designed, stylish, innovative and functional, these accessories have unique features that help users to work more effectively and efficiently, whether remote or in the office

Dell ProDeploy Client Suite

Deploy with greater speed, less effort and more flexibility  

Deploying high-quality, personalised device experiences for your customers can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Your customers can trust Dell PC deployment experts to take on the entire deployment process, allowing customers to focus on their core business. From planning and set-up to configuration, installation, data management and asset retirement, Dell provides the behind-the-scenes expertise needed to help your customers be productive right out of the box.

Key Benefits:

  • Modernise device provisioning
  • Customise  PCs with a broad range of imaging solutions
  • Simplify asset security with cloud-based tracking
  • Accelerate workforce productivity

Dell ProSupport Suite for PCs

Intelligent, predictive, and automated support for today’s modern workforce.

Work happens everywhere, all the time. And IT teams don’t need to just keep up, they need to stay ahead. With Dell’s advanced telemetry and AI, IT teams can remotely manage the health of their Dell fleet, anticipate and resolve issues and automate PC updates.  Smarter support with ProSupport Suite for PCs. Keep your customers happy and productive.

Did you know that Windows 10 support is ending in 2025?

Windows 11 is designed for the modern workplace, enhances productivity with improved security and accessibility features, facilitating seamless collaboration and management. Get ahead of the crowd and encourage your customers to update their devices.

Dell Technologies should be your customers’ first choice when looking to update their devices. See what they can offer your customers today!

Benefits of upgrading to Windows 11 with Dell Technologies devices include:

  • Better security
    Upgrading reduces the chances of firmware attacks and identity theft.
  • Trusted reliability
    The 35+ year collaboration between Dell and Microsoft offers a portfolio backed by reliability and expertise.
  • Extensive range
    Dell’s 13th Gen range encompasses Latitude laptops, OptiPlex desktops and Precision workstations, all of which are compatible with Windows 11.