Why you should sell routers from Cisco

Cisco’s range of routers give your customer’s data centre more flexibility. With the broadest enterprise-class integrated network services, your customers can use the routers to meet business demands and achieve seamless and secure application deployment.

Position yourself as a trusted advisor by understanding your customer’s application requirements. Work with TD SYNNEX and Cisco to identify the right opportunities, increase IT scalability and secure your customer’s applications for the digital era.

So what are Cisco's routers?


This router group delivers secure connectivity, machine learning and cloud management features. Integrating security and application services, your customers can achieve more, with less. Simplify their day-to-day management of the data centre and give them the freedom to enjoy new digital experiences.

WAN aggregators

Cisco’s routers give your customers the opportunity to software-define their WAN without compromising the application experience. With three different series available, you can help your customers to scale between data centres, service networking architectures and transform their enterprise for the digital era.


Grow the density of your customer’s data centre and deliver the programmability needed to achieve a scalable network edge. Offer your customers a superior user experience and help them to manage regulatory requirements more easily. With lower power consumption and virtualisation capabilities, these routers reduce the cost of the data centre.

Service Provider Core

Designed for WAN, these routers help your customers to achieve efficient scalability between data centers and large aggregation networks. Service Provider Core routers optimise network performance and efficiency for your customer’s. This reduces costs, minimises complexity and offers superior network agility.


Your customers can enjoy enterprise-class features for their network, even in harsh environments. With options for industrial and grid routers, your customers can oversee Internet-of-Things (IoT) tasks, build a highly secure, reliable, and scalable field network infrastructure and deploy rugged multiservice routers in secondary substations.


Cisco’s routers help your customers to build multi-tenant network services for their cloud environments. Deliver an end-to-end solution and virtualise your customer’s environments with routers that separate the control plane and data plane, giving them the scalability they need to meet their changing business demands.