Why you should choose Cisco?

Your customers need a data centre that can support innovation. They require agility and security so they can deliver new services, faster. Cisco delivers cutting-edge technology, integrates business-critical services and offers superior scalability. Position yourself as a trusted advisor by providing integrated infrastructures and service solutions that deliver consistent, highly secure and reliable business results to your customers. Work with Cisco and TD SYNNEX to improve margins and increase your sales.

What are the benefits?

Cisco’s solutions resolve many of the issues your customers face as they try to compete in an increasingly innovative digital space. Give your customers the benefits of:

Exceptional performance, scalability and availability for their big data requirements.

Freedom of choice when it comes to deploying the best cloud environment for their business – whether that’s private, public or hybrid.

An integrated infrastructure that combines cutting-edge technology across Cisco’s software portfolio.

New levels of operational efficiency and adaptability with a data centre that can easily adapt to new requirements.

Why you should sell Cisco ONE for Data Centre Networking

Part of the Cisco ONE software family, Cisco ONE for Data Centre Networking deploys services when and where your customers need them. Blending compute, storage and networking, it delivers faster application delivery, whatever their infrastructure.

Position yourself as a trusted advisor by helping your customers to create an intelligent network, increase operational efficiency and improve security. Work with TD SYNNEX to meet your customer’s requirements by helping them to achieve agility in the data centre.

What are the benefits of Cisco ONE for Data Centre Networking?

Reduced cost of total ownership

Cisco ONE creates 55% savings for your customers through workflow automation, unified management of distributed data centers and improved infrastructure provisioning.

Increased agility

Your customers can future-proof their networks without deploying multiple solutions from multiple vendors. Streamlining data centre requirements gives your customers more agility.

Streamlined management

Cisco ONE simplifies networking management for your customers, automates their processes and gives them time to focus on more strategic business areas.

Secured performance

Deliver a solution that improves the security of your customer’s data centre. With greater fault tolerance, the performance and availability of the network is improved.

Greater scalability

As your customers have greater control and provisioning of their networks, they can scale up – or out – as and when their business requires new systems.

Give your customers the power to innovate their IT and achieve business acceleration with unified computing (UCS) servers and infrastructure from Cisco.

Cisco UCS unifies your customer’s servers and infrastructure, helping them to meet today’s demands. Accommodating future innovation, Cisco UCS improves server performance, helps your customers to address workload challenges and reduces total cost of ownership.

Position yourself as a trusted advisor with Cisco UCS by optimising your customer’s policies, speeding up their time to value and unlocking the hidden value of their data. Adding Cisco UCS to your portfolio, with the help of TD SYNNEX, will help you to lead in the marketplace.

Blade servers

Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Servers improve your customer’s IT environments, meeting their needs for both virtualised and non-virtualised applications. Cisco’s four server models meet different sockets and memory demands, but all servers offer a balanced approach to IT, helping your customers to increase performance, energy efficiency and flexibility.

Rack servers

Address your customer’s workload challenges with individual servers that balance processing, memory and internal storage resources. Deliver unified computing in an industry-standard form factor to deliver operational intelligence at scale, improve management capabilities and increase application performance.


Offer your customer complete hyperconvergence simplifying their IT and increasing their operational efficiency. Cisco HyperFlex brings adaptability to your customer’s data centre so they can achieve more with the workloads in their data centre. Deliver more performance, more workloads and give your customers the added benefit of simplicity.