What is the Digital Network Architecture?

The Cisco Digital Network Architecture is an open, extensible, software-driven architecture that evolves your customer’s digital network beyond just connectivity. Covering virtualisation, security, compliance, insights, analytics and digital infrastructures, it’s the architecture for the digital business. With Cisco, you can support a rich ecosystem of network-enabled applications for you customers.

What are the business benefits?

By delivering Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture to your customers, you can help them to innovate faster, drive better user experiences and optimise their business processes. Not only will you bring scalability, manageability and efficiency gains to their enterprise network, but you will reduce the costs and complexity throughout their organisation.

The demands on network functionality are changing and your customers need to be able to adapt quickly, responsively and with agile application development. Network complexity is increasing but Cisco’s dedicated architecture simplifies your customer’s digital transformation. Whether they have faster innovation requirements or if they need to be fully cloud enabled, Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture is the perfect solution.

For our partners, the benefits are endless. This architecture allows you to sell to a wider customer base, more easily, as it’s ideal for organisations of all sizes. You can take advantage of new revenue opportunities and maximise your sales as your customers transform more of their business and embed their processes further into the cloud.

The Meraki journey

Meraki is currently one of Cisco’s fast growing portfolios, a business that will surpass $1B per annum revenue in the next year. This feature-rich, easy-to-use cloud architecture enables customers to solve new business problems and reduce operating costs. By becoming a Meraki partner through TD SYNNEX, you can benefit from high velocity lead generation and friendly support from our team.

This six step journey takes you from reseller to trusted advisor. You can maximise your network sales in next to no time. By joining the Meraki Boost programme, you will benefit from Cisco approved training, pre-sales support and guidance during your demand generation and marketing campaigns.

What is the Meraki Boost programme?

TD SYNNEX’s Meraki Boost programme gets your customers up to speed fast, empowering them to accelerate their cloud networking practice. This support programme will train you to manage your customer’s Meraki network more effectively, make sales more quickly and build your networking practice more successfully.

What are the business benefits?

With Meraki Boost from TD SYNNEX, you can become a specialist in cloud networking business practices. By joining the programme, you’ll receive a free individual assessment from our team of specialists who will outline how you can build your own cloud networking business practice and meet the growing demands of customers moving to the cloud.

We provide Cisco approved partner training, including for Meraki 360. To help you focus on your strategic goals, we work flexibly around your day-to-day requirements. Up-to-date training is crucial to your success, that’s why we offer on-site and WebEx sessions so you can train without taking time away from the business. We also hold regular Meraki 360 training courses, which partners can register for.

We believe it’s important that our partners become trusted advisors, so we offer the opportunity for our Meraki resellers to secure the Cisco Select certification. Be the expert who can show your customers the capabilities of the Meraki solution and secure sales. Show your expertise by delivering end user demos and delivering demand generation campaigns.