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Increase your profit and create opportunities selling Dell products where customers wouldn’t normally have the funding by offering them a Tech-as-a-Service (TaaS) subscription plan. TaaS is a financial subscription plan that allows you, the reseller, to combine hardware, software and services into a single affordable solution to offer your customers.

Your customers will have access to the latest technology while optimising their IT budgets and simplifying their bill, moving away from large capital investments. What’s more, you’ll benefit from improved cash flow as you’ll get paid in full as soon as your customers receive their products.

How does TaaS work?

It’s incredibly easy to get a Tech-as-a-Service quote set up, simply get your quote on InTouch, or use the quick quotation tool, and the proposal is shared with your customer. If the customer approves, the documents are sent to them to sign via e-sign.

Dell Financial Services

The Dell Financial Services (DFS) mission is to “Deliver financing solutions that enable and enrich the Dell customer experience.” DFS facilitates financing of products and services sold by Dell through consumer and small business revolving loans, fixed-term business loans and lease financing.

DFS focuses on delivering value at every step of the customer experience. DFS’ high degree of integration with Dell has enabled streamlining of the financing process for you, such as eliminating many manual, paper-oriented processes and delivering financing products and services online.

There are many different financing options available, so you can choose an option that best suits you and your customer. These options span consumer, small and medium business, large business, public and non-profit.