Purchasing Dell warranties through TD SYNNEX Intouch

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Pro Support

In a technologically driven world, your customers simply don’t have time to spend on troubleshooting, routine maintenance and support; they need to be focused on innovation and productivity. Dell ProSupport offers a proactive, automated support service that will increase your customers’ satisfaction and enable them to increase their revenue and profit.

ProSupport customers have access to more than 55,000 technical experts 24x7x365, over 160 different countries. This constant availability allows your customers to minimise disruption and maintain productivity.

Find out more by downloading our Dell ProSupport Infographic today:

As the leading Dell Technologies Distributor, TD SYNNEX are the only distribution business in the UK to deliver the full end-to-end Dell portfolio.

The extensive portfolio offers endless opportunities to up-sell to your customers. Pro Support and accessories such as keyboards, mice, bags, docks, cables and monitors from Dell Technologies create high margin potential when selling as standalone products or as an add-on to a solution.

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