Show your customers where cloud fits into their business

You’re in a great position as a partner to help your customers appreciate the benefits of putting cloud-based technology before other solutions because it means they can:

  • easily acquire services quickly
  • scale resources as they need them
  • spread payments over time.

Your customers can pick their cloud

How times have changed. Your customers can now choose which type of cloud they want for the jobs they want done.

Help your customers define and implement a consistent multi-cloud strategy made up of a mix of public, private and hybrid cloud that best suits their business.

Public or private cloud? Your customer can choose both, with APEX from Dell Technologies

Public cloud

Increased agility
Simplified operations
Faster innovation

Private cloud

Increased control
Higher performance
Predictable costs

What is APEX?

It’s Dell Technologies innovation delivered as-a-Service. With APEX, you can offer your customer greater flexibility and choice when they need it.

Based on your customer’s strategic business objectives, you can create for them a multi-cloud, multi-edge and multi-data centre IT landscape.

The APEX portfolio

APEX Cloud Services

Offer your customers a simplified multi-cloud experience with familiar products, services, and tool sets, while leveraging the best-of-breed features and performance that their workloads require.

APEX Custom Solutions

Create your own on-demand environment that you customise to order, leveraging our innovative and extensive portfolio of infrastructure and services. Deploy a pay-per-use consumption model or an enterprise-scale managed utility.


APEX enables you to implement Dell Technologies innovation as-a-Service that gives your customer:


APEX removes complexity and its related inefficiencies and costs resulting in better outcomes, more choice of best-in-breed technologies, and easy workload migration between private and public clouds.


APEX gives your customer the speed and agility they need to transform and keep evolving their business, including the ability to extend their cloud experience across their organisation, adapt and scale on demand, and benefit from financial flexibility.


With APEX, your customer gets more control over where their data is located, who can access it, and how it’s protected. They can also move their data to where it’s needed to gain better value.

Accelerate sales and drive retention

Use our APEX Console to collaborate with your customers and their end users.

The APEX experience offers you as a partner enhanced profitability potential with expanded and recurring opportunities that accelerate business results.

With APEX, you get to streamline and simplify your as-a-Service portfolio and benefit from:

  • Offering your customers predictable costs
  • Centralised management with customer subscriptions and insights on the one console
  • Minimised risk by deploying as-a-Service infrastructure
  • Potential to expand your offering with support from Dell
  • Improved account planning enabling new service opportunities

Take your first step in offering APEX today

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