We’re here to help you grow your business selling Microsoft products to your customers. We’ll set you up for increased profitability with the guidance, training, preparation and go-to-market support you need to run your successful Microsoft products business.

Key Microsoft products like Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Surface and other bespoke stackable solutions can all be part of your portfolio of offerings. TD SYNNEX can also help you with the solutions, services, support and skills that complement these Microsoft products.

Sell Microsoft Azure

It’s the world’s most powerful cloud infrastructure and TD SYNNEX is here to help you with all you need to sell it to your customers.

Whatever sector your customers are in, their businesses can benefit hugely with the move to the comprehensive open-source cloud platform that gives access to over 200 products and services. And for you as a partner, it’s compelling key element to building and running your successful cloud business.

Use TD SYNNEX’s Security e-book to help you start building or improving your cloud practice.

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Sell Microsoft 365

Set up your customers on Microsoft 365 and you’ll be providing them with a unique and versatile cloud product that can truly transform their business.

TD SYNNEX will help you migrate your customers businesses on to Microsoft 365 and help you offer communication and collaboration tools, data back-up and compliance.

Use TD SYNNEX’s Modern Work and Security e-books to help build, market and implement your offering.

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Sell Microsoft Dynamics 365 and business applications

Help your customers transform just about every aspect of their business with the ultimate CRM and ERP management and solution engines.

With Dynamics 365 in place, your customer has easy access to a whole host of applications to help them improve their business.

The TD SYNNEX Transform Programme and the P2P Programme can help you identify, deliver and grow your Dynamics 365 business.

Use TD SYNNEX’s Dynamics 365 Transformation Guide to help you get going.

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Sell the Microsoft 365 Ecosystem

Create a bespoke, repeatable practice on a monthly licence, built to individual specifications.

TD SYNNEX offers partners a complete eco-system solution, including sales and technical expertise. Our knowledgeable teams are poised and ready to support you in growing your business with a solution and practice that works best for you.

Use TD SYNNEX’s Security e-book and CSAT infographic to help get your started.

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