What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

It’s a customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool for businesses. It can support business planning, help drive campaigns and engagement, and support the management of staff, finances, supply chain and business operations.

Why add Dynamics 365 to your partner portfolio?

Becoming a Dynamics partner and extending your solutions offering can significantly grow your pipeline and business revenue. Most businesses are increasingly dependent on technology and need planning, management and operations software to help them run their business. Enter Dynamics 365. Some of the top benefits you can enjoy offering Dynamics 365 to your customers include:

  • A great opportunity to grow your business pipeline
  • By expanding your Microsoft portfolio, you’re offering your customers more
  • You can reduce your customers churn rate and build more strategic relationships
  • You have larger margins than on selling Office 365 and Azure
  • You get higher Microsoft rebates than on selling Office 365 and Azure
  • You’ll get higher consumption of Azure.

How the partner-to-partner (P2P) programme works for you

  • You can rely on the support of other partners, where you lack a particular expertise in-house
  • You and your P2P partner operate strictly on a non-compete basis, having agreed to P2P terms and conditions
  • P2P gives you access across all Dynamics 365 requirements – from presales, through to ongoing support
  • You maintain ownership of your customer relationship and commercials
  • Both the transacting and deployment partner who work together share revenue on sold Dynamics 365 professional services or packages solutions.

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Next steps?

TD SYNNEX help you identify, deliver and expand a Dynamics 365 offering to your customers. We’ll support you with training, enablement, P2P, cooperative selling and strategic marketing. Get in touch with the TD SYNNEX UK CSP team today.