Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform and a suite of solutions for building, deploying, and managing applications and services. Selling Azure can help you to tap into the cloud market and offer scalable, secure, and integrated solutions to your customers.

Microsoft Azure Benefits

Microsoft Azure offers CSP partners the opportunity to extend their offerings, deliver a more complete cloud solution, improve revenue opportunities, and align with Microsoft’s strategic direction. You may already be an “Accidental Azure Partner”. Perhaps you started using Azure yourselves and then spotted an opportunity to deploy the solution to one of your customers, or maybe a customer requested an Azure subscription and you’re now managing this for them.

By building on this position, you can begin to build an Azure strategy and extend your capabilities to attract new customers.

  • Azure is a market leader, providing trust and credibility.
  • CSPs can scale and adapt solutions to meet changing customer needs.
  • Azure's diverse services enable you to offer specialised solutions.
  • Supports hybrid cloud environments for seamless integration.
  • Azure integrates well with other Microsoft products and services.
  • Strong security and compliance features address customer concerns.

Azure Success with TD SYNNEX

Offering a new service can be daunting, but TD SYNNEX has a team of experts and a host of resources to guide you. Depending on what stage you are at, we have two pathways to Azure success with our Cloud Practice Builder Model to support your growth:

• Azure Starter – ideal for partners that have not started selling Azure yet. We’ll take you through the market opportunity, ideas to focus on when starting out, ensuring your sales team are aware of what to be asking and then a pre-sales workshop that will allow your technical team the insights into tools and resources that can support these conversations.

• Azure Advanced – for partners that are selling a bit of Azure, but who are looking to expand. We explore other workloads you could expand into with existing and new customers, ensuring sales know-how to qualify the engagement and then a full day technical workshop to sharpen your technical expertise to manage and support your customer environments with the right tooling and Microsoft programs.

Snapshot: some advantages of using Azure in five sample sectors


Uncover new operational efficiencies, reduce costs and generate new revenue opportunities.


Personalise customer experiences, empower employees and optimise supply chains.


Implement remote government access, empower cross-agency collaboration and deliver secure services.


Enhance patient engagement, empower provider collaboration, and improve operational insights.

Financial Services

Personalise customer experiences, modernise financial systems and optimise risk management.

(* Source: IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Digital Transformation 2021 Predictions, October 2020)


We are here to help you build, optimise and grow your Microsoft CSP business. You’re in safe hands with TD SYNNEX as we have the expertise, solutions, customer service and partners to support and help drive forward your cloud services offering in the market.

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Our best-in-class customer service and 24/7 technical support teams can help you and your cloud customers with support for the products sold on CSP agreements.

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We are here to help you build, optimise and grow your Microsoft CSP business. With support from TD SYNNEX, you’re able to offer your customers a whole host of in-demand cloud solutions that can help you create new revenue streams and firm up your customer retention.

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