Sustainable impact is at the heart of HP’s business strategy.

For more than 80 years, HP have stood proud to be a purpose-driven company that contributes to a better future through the technology that they create and the values that their organisation upholds.

Rooted in science, their sustainability strategy prioritises the areas where HP technology, talent and platforms can make the most positive impact. Above all, they support a culture that integrates purpose throughout business; they know that they must stand for more than the products that they sell.

Go beyond with HP.

For HP, ‘Go Beyond’ isn’t a catchphrase. It’s a rallying cry: a reminder that as people, how we do things is just as important as what we do.

HP are never satisfied with simply just checking a box. Instead, they constantly push themselves, their partners and customers to challenge the status quo and lead the industry forward.

Going beyond transforms challenges into opportunities and creates a path for innovation and progress.

HP focus their strategy across three key pillars:

Climate Change

HP commit to taking urgent and decisive action to achieve net zero carbon emissions across their entire value chain, give back more to forests than they take, and innovate their products and services for a more circular economy.

Human Rights

They are dedicated to building a culture of equality and empowerment within HP and beyond, where diversity is sought out and celebrated, and where universal human rights are understood and respected.

Digital Equity

HP are accelerating equitable access to education, healthcare and economic opportunity for those who are traditionally excluded, so that they can participate and thrive in a digital economy.

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