Education plays an important role in shaping the future and unlocking human potential.

In order to bridge the digital divide and enable successful outcomes, education establishments have to provide students and teachers with the technology that they need, where and when they need it.

Empower the next generation.

Creating a next-generational academic environment – where research, instructional innovation and tech-forward facilities power student success – doesn’t have to be unachievable. By partnering with HP, your customers can deliver innovation across their institution, improve student empowerment, and create a secure and vibrant campus that enables teaching, learning, research and collaboration to thrive.

Premium Design

Best-in-Class Security

Collaborative Learning

Industry-Leading Connectivity


Empower nomadic, always-connected students with technology that fits their mobile academic lifestyles. HP offers a range of versatile notebooks to empower future engineers, artists and consultants.


Equip faculty and TAs with the tools to differentiate instruction and personalise feedback. Inspire researchers with powerful HP workstations and the latest VR and 3D technologies.

Learning Spaces

From campus foundries powered by HP technology, to blended reality collaboration spaces, HP is your partner to create amazing, immersive and engaging learning spaces.

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