So, why should you partner with TD SYNNEX for HP?

Partnering with TD SYNNEX for HP brings you one step closer to becoming a true trusted advisor to your customers. We work hard to drive your success, providing you with value-added services that span across marketing, sales, strategic business development, technical expertise, financial services, procurement, logistics and training.

By working with TD SYNNEX, you can access:

  • An extensive product range

TD SYNNEX offers a comprehensive selection of HP products – including laptops, printers, accessories and more. Our diverse inventory ensures that your customers can find what they need within a single source.


  • A reliable distribution network

TD SYNNEX offer a strong and efficient distribution network, providing the timely delivery of HP products, minimising delays and ensuring that your customers receive their orders promptly.


  • Specialist expertise and support

TD SYNNEX are always on-hand to provide expert guidance and support to customers. We offer insights into HP products, assisting with product selection, and providing technical expertise to address any queries or concerns.

  • Value-added services

Beyond distribution, TD SYNNEX offer value-added services such as customisation, and configuration, tailoring HP products to meet specific customer needs.


  • A strong HP partnership

As a long-time trusted partner of HP, TD SYNNEX often enjoys exclusive access to new products, promotions and incentives. This partnership ensures that you, our customers, have access to the latest HP offerings.


  • Efficient logistics and fulfilment

TD SYNNEX invests in robust logistics and fulfilment capabilities, streamlining the ordering process and ensuring accuracy in order fulfilment, leading to a seamless customer experience.

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