Technology needs to do more for business now, than ever before.

Workplaces, workspaces and work styles are evolving – but are your customers’ businesses adapting for success? In order to create a modern workplace that inspires productivity and efficiency, organisations need to be investing in the right technology to bolster their employees’ working environment.

HP technology is designed for people.

It helps address real-world wants and needs, allowing your customers’ employees to feel and work at their best—focusing on possibilities, not limitations. HP’s innovative solutions and hard-earned reputation for reliability keep people connected to information and each other, whether at home, in the office, or constantly on the move.

Did you know that 83% of workers prefer a hybrid work-from-home model?*

It’s official: hybrid working is here to stay!

For many employees, a blend of working remotely and in the office can present the best of both worlds, especially for those who enjoy flexibility but thrive on the companionship of colleagues.

Whatever model your customers choose to employ, we as IT professionals need to support them in equipping their people with the right solutions to get the job done.

HP premium business products are designed to accelerate user potential in the new world of hybrid work.

Evolving workspaces need solutions that make it easy to adapt. HP PCs, monitors and accessories use human-centric design to support people in being comfortable, connected and productive—wherever they work from.

Seamless collaboration, in and out of the office

Users can share ideas and advance projects with the crystal-clear audio and video built into HP PCs, and Poly conferencing solutions that deliver incredible sound and visuals in any space.

Boosted productivity

Your customers can stay connected, engaged and in the zone – both in and out of the office – with HP PCs that deliver responsive performance and solutions that adapt to every way of working.

Safe and secure

Encourage users to work anywhere, worry-free, on intelligently secure PCs and printers, protected with hardware-enforced, full-stack defence.

Simplified device management

Support your customers in enhancing operational efficiency with flexible device management solutions, powered by AI-driven insights.

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* Zippia, “22 Must-Know Working From Home Productivity Statistics [2023]: How Does Remote Work Affect Our Productivity?” October 16, 2022