NetApp products are transformative. Not only do they seek to push the boundaries of data and cloud capabilities, the potential they hold for your customers’ data fabrics is immense. From empowering intelligent, automated processes that free up time and resource, to delivering services only when they’re required through ONTAP, making for significantly lower operational costs, the NetApp product portfolio is truly impressive.

Wide in scope, immense in power, inspiring in their simplicity, NetApp products are designed for every customer need, with the ability to transform any size data operation into one ready for anything.


NetApp’s Microsoft Azure native, high performance storage service that enables effortless migration and running of complex, performance-intensive, and latency-sensitive applications with no code-change.


Cloud Sync makes for rapid and secure NAS data synchronisation and transfer between on-premises and cloud object stores. Widely compatible with leading cloud providers.

Cloud Volumes Service for AWS

Move mission-critical workloads and applications to the cloud with AWS while retaining full management functionality.

Cloud Tiering

Extends on-premises ONTAP clusters to the cloud by combining their SSD storage with a low-cost object storage chosen by the user into a single pool. It frees space and optimises performance in an instant.

Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud

Fully integrated Google Cloud file service that enables users to efficiently run their business-critical applications.

SaaS Backup

Daily, automated backup and point-in-time, granular restore of critical data, along with protection of SaaS data from threats or accidental deletion.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP

ONTAP optimises cloud storage costs and performance by turning functions on only when and where they’re needed, with options of up to 368 TB of underlying storage.

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Cloud Backup Service

An add-on feature for Cloud Volumes ONTAP, Cloud Backup Service provides backup and restore capabilities for protection and long-term archiving of cloud data.

Cloud Manager

Provides a centralised control plane for IT administrators to manage, monitor, and automate their data in hybrid-cloud environments wherever they occur.

Cloud Compliance

Ensure business application data and cloud environments remain fully compliant with the likes of GDPR, CCPA, and more with automated controls and powerful AI algorithms.

Fabric Orchestrator

Better organise, categorise, and access data. Fabric Orchestrator easily scales processes and policies across an entire data estate, while applying access controls automatically.

Global File Cache

Enables users to consolidate all their data, including unstructured, into the cloud, cutting costs and creating a globally accessible file system.

Cloud Insights

An infrastructure monitoring tool giving users visibility into their entire infrastructure, allowing them to monitor, troubleshoot, and optimise all their resources.

Virtual Desktop Service

Delivers virtual desktops in the public cloud without complexity, either as a flexible software service (VDI) or as a fully managed VDI-as-a-Service platform.

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Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

NetApp HCI

NetApp have reimagined hybrid cloud infrastructure with Disaggregated HCI. It allows independent scaling of compute and storage, adapting to user workloads with guaranteed performance. It reduces costs by unified data orchestration and integration across public, private, and on-premises environments.


Leveraging S3, StorageGRID provides greater data management intelligence on a simplified platform for object data. Bridging hybrid cloud workflows, it enables data to remain fluid to always meet business demands.

Data Storage

<p>All Flash Arrays</p>

AFF A Series

Able to deeply integrate with critical business applications, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL, VMware, SAP, MySQL, and more, the AFF A Series provisions in minutes with market-leading data reduction capabilities.


Bringing an elevated level of agility to cloud infrastructure, SolidFire Cloud Storage is simplified, API-driven storage at scale.

AFF C190

Enterprise-class flash storage that enables file and block data management on a single system. Connects with the user’s choice of public cloud providers.

EF Series

A fully redundant, six-9s modular 2U enterprise-grade building block system with automated failover and advanced monitoring.

NVME Storage

NetApp have created the industry’s first all-flash solution with NVMe inside and out, delivering seriously impressive performance of sub-200 microsecond latency and 300GB/s throughput in a single cluster.


At the heart of ONTAP AI is the NVIDIA DGX™ A100 system: the world’s first 5-petaflop AI system, delivering the equivalent of a data centre of compute infrastructure in a single system

<p>Hybrid Arrays</p>


Provisionable in minutes, FAS leverages a single unified system for SAN and NAS, with effortless integration with AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and more.


Optimised for analytic workloads, Flexpod offers unmatched versatility, delivering next generation compute, storage and fabric to create industry leading efficiencies.

E Series

The E-Series is designed for dedicated, high-bandwidth applications such as data analytics, video surveillance, and disk-based backup requiring simple, fast, and reliable SAN storage.

<p>Data Storage Software</p>

ONTAP Data Management Software

Rapidly drive and scale out data efficiencies, provisioning storage in minutes for Oracle, SAP, Microsoft SQL, VMware, and more, and automatically tiering cold data to the cloud.

ONTAP Select

Software Defined Storage (SDS) from the Edge to the Core to the Cloud that allows for dynamically added capacity and scaled performance to meet evolving needs.

Element Software

Element delivers agile automation through scale-out flexibility and guaranteed application performance so users can build clouds to accelerate new services.

Storagegrid Software

Leveraging S3, StorageGRID provides intelligent data management on a simplified platform for object data at scale.

Santricity Software

Delivers data, with high IOPs, high throughput, and low latency, to all manner of data analytics, video surveillance, and data backup applications.

<p>Data Infrastructure Management</p>

OnCommand Insight

Monitor and troubleshoot the entire infrastructure across multivendor on-premises systems and cloud resources, before issues develop.

Virtual Infrastructure Manager

Allows users to streamline their virtual infrastructure by managing their NetApp storage operations directly from VMware vCenter.

OnCommand Workflow Automation

A service-oriented approach to managing storage systems that allows users to construct, customise, publish, and activate a broad range of storage workflows.

Active IQ Predictive Analytics & Support

Using AIOps, Active IQ automates the proactive care and optimisation of NetApp environments – making for a users’ own AI-powered digital advisor.

NetApp Cloud Manager

Centralised management of cloud storage environments, including cost monitoring of ONTAP-based storage in the cloud.

Data Protection & Security

SnapCentre Backup Management

Application-consistent backup and clone management available across the data fabric through a centralised GUI.

Snaplock Data Compliance

Write-once, Read-many (WORM) file locking empowers users to incrementally append files while they remain locked, crucial to maintaining regulatory compliance.

SnapMirror Data Replication

Covering everything from flash to disk to cloud, this fast, efficient, array-based data replication ensures comprehensive backup, disaster recovery, and data mobility.

ONTAP Data Security

Builds a zero trust architecture, securing sensitive data where it resides: on-premises, in the cloud, even in transit. Encompasses NFSv4 krb5p and SMBv3 encryption.