NetApp and TD SYNNEX have deep partner relationships and product integrations with the big four hyperscaler companies.

What this means for your customer is they have a consistent data management capability across their Data Centre and the biggest Hyperscalers. This enables them to migrate, protect and tier data available for cloud services whilst enjoying lower cost of storage than those provided natively by the public cloud vendor.

In addition, the opportunities for TD SYNNEX’s NetApp partners to become accredited in both Hyperscaler and NetApp solutions are unparalleled.

By 2025, 40% of infrastructure and operations leaders will embrace at least one hybrid cloud architecture, up from 10% in 2020.

80% of businesses are predicted to migrate to the cloud, hosting and colocation services by 2025.

Your cloud. Your data.

NetApp’s vendor ecosystems best help you enable the management of your customers’ data in multi-cloud environments by allowing them to approach complex cloud landscapes on their own terms.

Through highly integrated NetApp data management products working across clouds from multiple vendors, users are no longer limited to siloed cloud infrastructure.

Customers can select the best of everything the cloud market has to offer.

The result is simplified visibility and advanced interoperability of cloud solutions for your customers, while losing none of the power and functionality.

Azure NetApp Files

Cloud Volumes ONTAP® for Google Cloud

Cloud Volumes ONTAP® for Azure

Cloud Volumes ONTAP® for AWS

Global Cache

NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud

NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for Windows Workloads

NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for AWS

Weaving the Data Fabric

NetApp unify the component parts of your customers’ hybrid- and multi-cloud infrastructures into a single, consistent experience. NetApp call this creating a ‘Data Fabric’.

  • Seamless
  • Scalable
  • Simplified

NetApp’s data management products are ‘cloud first’, meaning they are natively available across hyperscaler platforms, delivering ultimate ease of data migration, cost reduction, and security and compliance of data, irrespective of its location.

Deliver more with TD SYNNEX.

TD SYNNEX have the scope, expertise, and deep vendor relationships that mean partnering with TD SYNNEX for NetApp confers significant advantages on your practice.

Services include financial packages and solutions to help secure more deals, vendor certified training and qualifications, and a host of other value-add products that will help elevate your NetApp portfolio.

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