NetApp are a global leader in hybrid cloud solutions, focused on delivering simplicity, freedom of choice and intelligence for your customers’ data.

With the NetApp consumption model, your customers are empowered to manage their cloud operations on their terms, while leveraging massive amounts of data at minimised financial risk. Being able to offer NetApp solutions to your customers presents a huge opportunity to position your business as a standout trusted advisor.

Discover NetApp’s range of solutions, and the potential they hold for your portfolio.

Cloud Services

The cloud has transformed the way businesses consider IT and their data, in no small part because of its pivotal role in continually delivering transformative new technologies, including AI, machine learning, and serverless computing.

It means that companies without a clear and defined cloud strategy are missing out. Not only are they missing out today, but they’re missing out on what they should be achieving tomorrow.

Cloud Services from NetApp deliver smarter, unified data management across your customers’ data fabrics, through a singular view, with automated backups and comprehensive governance policies.


25:1 – Shrink data footprints by up to 96%1
20x – Run any workload up to 20x faster and at 20% lower cost1

Available on all the biggest clouds, including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS; with NetApp, your customers embrace the cloud on their terms.

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Hybrid cloud enables business to do more through its ability to rapidly scale data operations with minimised risk. Hybrid cloud from NetApp does that and more, building profitable, differentiated cloud services that support your customers’ infrastructure demands.

  • Realise complete systems automation and integration with existing orchestration tools
  • Achieve 100% uptime with zero maintenance windows
  • Leverage flash- and object-storage technologies designed for predictable application delivery
  • Safeguard customer data with integrated data-protection services

NetApp hybrid cloud infrastructure’s innovative use of automation not only helps your customers develop, deploy, and run their applications faster, it does so with unmatched elasticity, scaling up or down as required.

Flash Storage

Ensuring your customers are first to market with the insights from their data significantly enhances their chance of success. Offer them the world’s fastest enterprise class flash storage from NetApp and accelerate their business-critical databases like no other.

NetApp flash storage solutions provide flexible deployment options, along with rapid, granular recovery across your customers’ hybrid cloud infrastructures. Compliant with strict government regulations, including GDPR, NetApp keeps data fast, secure, and always available.

Compatible with multi-vendor workloads including: Splunk, Hadoop & NoSQL

NetApp Keystone

The NetApp Keystone consumption model lessens the complexities associated with IT infrastructure and lifecycle management by providing a simple, transparent IT management structure.

1. Choose a performance tier

2. Pick a storage service – file, block, or object

3. End-users manage it themselves, or NetApp can manage it for them

NetApp Keystone is a financial programme that enables your customers to continually and rapidly expand their capabilities within a flexible consumption model. Costs remain predictable while users retain the flexibility and control they need over their IT and data services.

With a focus on customer growth, NetApp Keystone is a significant competitive advantage to you, the reseller, as you are easily able to offer more on a regular basis.

Data Storage Systems

Optimised to protect, designed for simplicity, NetApp data storage systems extend customer capabilities by providing the correct solution for every instance.

Customers can also leverage their excess capacity, or even their entire system, as storage in an ONTAP® environment, increasing the value and effectiveness of their third-party arrays.

  • All-Flash Storage – Fast, consistent, and high performance, all-flash storage from NetApp means making no compromises in the datacentre.
  • Hybrid-Flash Storage – Cost-effective storage that combines solid-state drive (SSD) with hard disk (HDD) technology. Simple. Smart. Trusted.
  • Object Storage – NetApp object storage enables your customers to manage their unstructured data at scale, and have been named a leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Object-Based Storage 2019 Vendor Assessment for the second year in a row.

Empower your customers to make the most of their data with NetApp.

Data Infrastructure Management

For businesses to make the most of their data, they need control of it. With NetApp, your customers maintain control wherever their data resides.

Utilising software management tools designed to work together, users gain truly comprehensive flexibility, agility, and visibility of their data infrastructure, ensuring they can manage and monitor every aspect.

  • Cluster management and analytics
  • Prescriptive care and system availability coupled with performance optimisation
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting functions across multi-vendor systems
  • Cloud data management encompassing ONTAP® enterprise capabilities
  • Automated storage processes, managed by service-level objectives
  • App integration for both on-premise and virtualised management solutions

Whatever your customers’ data infrastructures, however they want to manage them, NetApp has the solution.

Data Storage Software

NetApp Software Defined Storage technologies increase the speed of delivery of IT services to users, while offering the most flexible configuration and deployment options.

The range enables IT administrators to run and manage their datacentres across their choice of private, public, and hybrid cloud, while scaling operations with ease, exactly when they’re needed most.

True to form, every software option in the NetApp portfolio brings superior performance, reliability, and data protection to your customers’ infrastructure.

Data Protection and Security

With data now the majority of business’ most valuable asset, the importance of securing it effectively and reliably cannot be overstated. And with data now located in more locations across an enterprise than ever before, your customers need data defences they can trust.

NetApp protects data the moment it enters the datacentre, right the way through storage to analysis and outcomes, backing it up and maintaining its integrity at every step.


Efficient, application-consistent, software-based backup management


Array-based data replication enables site-to-site failover and disaster recovery


Robust storage infrastructure mirroring ensures maximum uptime for data


Write-once, read-many (WORM) file locking keeps data highly compliant

Take no chances when supplying your customers with data protection, trust the very best in data storage, replication, and management, with NetApp.

Professional Services

Whatever your customers’ current capabilities, give them an added boost with NetApp Professional Services – highly skilled services experts delivering optimised environments to meet your customers’ visions.

NetApp Professional Services can help better strategically plan your customers data operations, enabling them to maximise their potential and secure their future.

Whether designing, deploying, migrating, or integrating, NetApp experts are on hand to deliver the high-quality outcomes your customers expect.

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