Hewlett Packard Enterprise has a leading portfolio of products, ranging from peak performance servers to high end storage. With products available for all budgets and every business requirement, there is no need to sacrifice performance for pricetag.

BladeSystem Server

HPE BladeSystem servers are purpose-built processing systems that enable digital transformation and optimise cost by raising IT solutions performance, speed and investment. HPE BladeSystem servers are simple, flexible and easy to integrate into pre-existing networks. Transform your customers’ on-premises IT infrastructure and deliver a superior user experience’.

High End Storage – HPE Primera

HPE Primera delivers new age smart storage, leveraging AI to deliver perennial availability with great performance for mission-critical applications. The innovative solution to storage by HPE accelerates data speed and agility. The solution is simple to install, manage and upgrade. What’s more, HPE Primera reduces storage management by up to 93%, helping customers make better use of their IT resources.

Hyperconverged – HPE SimpliVity

HPE SimpliVity delivers streamlined IT operation, helping bring cloud agility and scalability into an intelligent, simple hyperconverged offering. HPE SimpliVity is a cost-effective, integrated all-flash solution, making it the most complete hyperconverged solution available. With a 54% improvement in built-in data protection, HPE SimpliVity protects your customers’ data while allowing it to scale more efficiently.

Networking – Aruba

Aruba is a cost-effective high-performance network solution from HPE, taking new strategic initiatives on workplace mobility and IoT systems. Take advantage of HPE Aruba to help gain new network opportunities. Built in network security from Aruba 360 keeps up with rising security demands of ever-changing network landscapes and the threats that arise.

Servers and Storage – (ProLiant and MSA)

ProLiant servers offer dual power supply capabilities, with redundant configuration support, delivering outstanding business support with simple management and easy solution integration of existing networks.

Working alongside ProLiant is an affordable, high-performance shared storage: MSA. MSA Storage systems are all-flash storage systems designed to accelerate storage performances at low cost.

HPE Pointnext Consulting

HPE Pointnext consulting services are designed to deliver enterprise support for IT topic issues from start to finish. HPE Pointnext consulting service makes it easier than ever to make big decisions and choose the right HPE strategies for your customers.

Servers Synergy

Efficiency and control are of upmost importance for any workload infrastructure. HPE Synergy is a powerful bladed infrastructure that is a purpose built, software-defined solution to power any workload in a hybrid cloud network. HPE Synergy aims to help your customers to simplify, automate and develop their business faster.

HPE Nimble Storage

Innovations in the HPE Nimble Storage technology and business model means your customers’ storage experience just keeps getting better. Nimble Storage leverages flash storage and predictive analytics to eliminate app slowdown. It’s also guaranteed to store more data per terabyte of flash storage than other all-flash arrays.

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