HPE’s comprehensive range of advanced solutions are designed to unlock the potential in your customers’ data, accelerating their businesses.

By partnering with TD SYNNEX for HPE, you’ll benefit from a whole host of exclusive services designed to drive your growth, increase your profit and reduce your costs.

The TD SYNNEX HPE Accelerate Program

Introducing the TD SYNNEX Accelerate Program for HPE. Designed as a guided pathway to help you to develop and grow your HPE practice, the program provides full guidance, support and dedicated resources that will enable you to harness both profitability and a significant competitive advantage.

Ready to become a HPE Partner with TD SYNNEX?

HPE and TD SYNNEX are partner first. You are central to our strategy, and we continue to invest in your success. HPE and TD SYNNEX are an extension of your team, working together to drive growth and accelerate business outcomes.

Improve your credibility and visibility, get a partnership logo listing on HPE’s ‘find a partner’ site.

Maximise your profitability and secure your business.

Sales, technical and marketing support – get access to HPE Pro Series: HPE Tech Pro, Sales Pro and Marketing Pro.

Access partner-only resources, demo program, HPE solutions and briefing centres.

Incentivise your teams – engage and grow with a rewards program designed for individual sales and technical representatives.

Partner Ready Program

Program options for resellers, Service Providers, OEM Partners, ISVs and Networking Specialists are:

  • Partner Ready: Solution Provider – Offer a broad spectrum of technologies, solutions, and services to your end customers with the skills and tools provided by HPE.
  • Partner Ready: Service Provider – Deliver managed private cloud, public cloud, hosting, and outsourcing services. Work with us to get service provider-ready solutions, services, and a joint go-to-market partnership.
  • Partner Ready: OEM Partner – Showcase your innovation on a global scale. With an HPE OEM Solutions partnership, you access cutting-edge technology, customization, and industry-leading services. Elevate your solutions, exceed customer expectations, and scale with confidence.
  • Partner Ready: Technology Partner – Realise faster time-to-market, increased revenue, and market share as an Independent Software Vendor and/or Independent Hardware Vendor by easily testing, integrating, and marketing joint offerings on HPE technologies.
  • Partner Ready for Networking – Tailored for Solution Providers, the Partner Ready for Networking program provides what you need to become an expert in the Aruba portfolio.

Partner Ready Vantage

This program was designed to accelerate your as-a-service business outcomes, service practices and solution development to provide your customers with the solutions they desire.

HPE Partner Ready Vantage is easy to navigate across three tracks: Build, Sell, and Service. Each track has associated Centers of Expertise to help you quickly develop or augment your selected areas of interest.

  • Build – Expand your solution offerings and enhance your customer relationships.
  • Sell – Satisfy customer needs by building and expanding your as-a-service offers.
  • Service – Increase your business opportunities and deliver higher, margin-based services.

Centres of Expertise

When you select one or more Centers of Expertise to build or emphasise your practice areas, HPE provides access to a tailored set of enablement, training and sales tools, go-to-market offerings, marketing initiatives, communities, and more.

Each Center of Expertise offers specific content for the respective product, solutions, and services to support your business.

To become a partner, you need to sign up to the relevant program.

This is easy to do, and TD SYNNEX are on hand to help if you need us.

If you know which program is for you:

  • Step 1 – Navigate to the HPE Partner Portal Sign In – HPE Partner Ready Portal
  • Step 2 – Hover over the three lines in the top left hand corner
  • Step 3 – Select the program that’s right for you
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If you are not sure which program is right for you and you would like our help:


Contact the TD SYNNEX team. We will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

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Engage and Grow!

HPE Engage and Grow is a fully automated channel incentive program that aims to motivate partner sales teams. With each product that they sell, participating reseller partners can collect lucrative bonus points.

Step 1 – Sign up to the program

Step 2 – Complete the required survey

Step 3 – Order your engage and grow credits

Step 4 – Collect bonus points

Step 5 – Earn money!

Join the Action Partner Club

This simple and effective program has been designed for partners who want to accelerate sales of Aruba Instant On networking solutions in the SMB market.

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